March 22, 2023
3 Benefits if a normal baby is born than Caesar

3 Benefits if a normal baby is born than Caesar

Are you married? 2 years have passed since marriage and planning to have a child.

Then you want to study this text today.

If there is any misconception in mind, maybe it will disappear.

Everyone expects children after marriage.

Everyone thinks that a child should come to earth by lighting my house.

There is no husband or wife in life who does not want children!

The family always hopes for the baby to come. Grandparents or aunts all want children.

But how come? How come?

3 Benefits if a normal baby is born than Caesar

Humans are social creatures. People have to do a lot for the sake of society.

Again there are some things that people do for their own needs. People wear clothes, cut their hair, cut their knuckles and so on.

All this he does for his needs. There is also social compulsion.

If he doesn’t do these things, no one will call him human. Marriage is to be done according to one’s own needs.

Again, the social issue is also involved here. So if you want to live with the society, you must do social work.

When a child comes into the world, he learns nothing. After coming to earth, his education began.

What we are bringing a child with education at the present time. The knowledge that GOD has given us; we are first misleading our child.

How? Remember the question?

Keep reading until you get the answer below.

Reading each line with the mind will solve all the questions I use.

Life is changeable. Modern civilization has improved the quality of our lives.

But, we have lost our being without knowing it. Civilization brings change. However, we do not judge how real that is for life.

Just think, has civilization changed the strategy of human birth? Have you been able to change your marriage strategy?

Have you invented other fluids to quench your thirst instead of drinking water? No, he could not do anything.

Nothing has changed except technological change. So why do we walk the path of change?

When you want to be a mother! Then you know that you have to suffer a lot.

Knowing and obeying everything, you are stepping on this road. But why are you giving birth to your darling child at risk after 9-10 months?

Wondering what the risk is again?

Did you know that caesarean section is very tender and hard to bear?

The hardships they cannot bear. Cold or hot has a very bad effect on their body.

Normal delivery or Cesarean which is better?

What are the benefits of normal delivery baby?

  1. When he is a normal child, he comes to the world after enduring many hardships. So he can easily adapt himself to the light air of the world.

  2. Babies with normal delivery have full immunity.

  3. The body skin of these kids is very good. Bone and vein movements are normal.


Do these 3 things seem important to you?

Most Of 3 Benefits if a normal baby is born than Caesar

If so, read on. There are more issues. And if it doesn’t seem important, quit and leave.

However, you can determine the best for your child’s life first. But first we cripple our darling child.

You want to be a mother with so much effort! Work tirelessly for 9-10 months to show your child the light of the world.

But why are you so busy with Caesar at the last moment?

Caesarean section has become a fad for us since the 90’s.

Never before has there been such a tendency to have a Caesar.

Again some are responsible for the dishonest Dr.

The pregnant mother actually scared them that Caesar would have to. There is a risk to the baby if Caesar does not.

In fact, it is a ploy to make money. People must do Caesar for fear of danger.

There are some doctors who cut 5 inches when having a caesarean section. There are some Dr cut 8-9 inches. But why???

If a baby can come out of the vagina effortlessly, then why cut so much while having a caesarean !!!

What should we do?

By doing this, the physical defect of that mother will never get better.

The second baby will have to be cut again.

Why are you busy to end your own life and the life of your child with such a good way given by God?

Just as a baby stays healthy during normal delivery, so does a mother’s body stay healthy for a lifetime.

A woman cannot have good intercourse with her husband after a caesarean section.


I am speak me from my real-life experience.

When my wife is a mother. She was OK. The last time I did an ultra sonogram and the doctor said that the baby’s position is very good.

Will be normal delivery. But my wife does not agree with anything. She wants to Caesar. I couldn’t explain it to him. Finally Caesar was done.

Now he says I have done Caesar wrong. But now there is nothing to do.

That is why there is a proverb that no one understands when he makes a mistake.

What are the disadvantages of having a caesarean section?

  1. Caesarean section immunity is very low. They are not physically too strong.

  2. Caesarean section cannot be tolerated. Their skin is very soft, which does not match the weather outside.

  3. Excessively cold or sweaty days are very easily infected. At least 3 years is a lot to take care of.

At present, the ceremony of adulteration is going on in the food. Our physical condition is getting worse by eating adulterated food.

Our immunity is slowly declining.

Girls can conceive in the womb when 9-10 months of labor. Then, why did Caesar fear a little bit of suffering?

Hard to be a parent:

If you could show how much damage you are doing to your baby because of this Caesar, no one else would agree to have a Caesar.

More than 40% of caesarean section babies are born with shortness of breath. It is impossible to understand the severity of breathing difficulties.

How do you feel when you first find out you are pregnant?

You must have been very happy. I thought your child would come to your lap by lighting the house.

But what happened at the last moment that you decided to have a Caesar?

Why do you want to throw him in the dark before the light of the earth?

You may not like my words, but try to know a little.

Is the baby better than normal delivery, Caesar’s baby is better!

You will want to know from a good consultation. If he is honest then he must give you the right answer.

In today’s world people live with great difficulty. The weather is not the same as before.

The present world exists in the realm of adulteration. Adulteration is most common in food.

This adulterated food is reducing our life expectancy.

At the same time, our vitality is being taken away.

Food adulteration may be less common in the developed world but in Central Asian countries adulteration is common.

Food is the main tool of human life. If the food is adulterated, then what is left?

Baby food is being made with low quality ingredients. This is doing more harm than good to the emotional development of children.

When a baby is in its mother’s womb, it has to eat a lot of rich foods. But what rich food would you believe.

Modernity is not always right:

Modern Chinese technology is releasing fake food like rice, pulses, cabbage, tomato etc. in the market.

There is no way to see which is real and which is fake.

An egg meets 60% of our body’s calorie needs.

But those eggs are now being found counterfeit in the market.

The present developed world is in fact under threat.

We will have to suffer the consequences one day.

Anyway, I would tell all mothers to try as long as they can to deliver the baby in a normal delivery. If there is no private way, do Caesar.

This will keep you healthy for the rest of your life as well as your baby.

I simply presented to you that 3 Benefits if a normal baby is born than Caesar



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