March 17, 2023

Do you think you are smarter than others

How well do you know yourself? How much do you know about yourself?

But you are very interested in others. Think a little about yourself, without blowing your nose at others.

Think before you know what kind of person you are.

We are always engaged in gossip. But he had no idea that his clothes had become loose long ago.

He who has one ear cut off is covered with a cloth, and he who has two ears cut off is no longer ashamed.

Lots of humans may be visible inside the streets. You will see how many clever friends you have through the people you walk with.

Some are really clever and some are clever. But wants to prove I’m intelligent.

Today I will tell a short story about a very clever person. He is so intelligent that he can make the day into night and night into day.

Do you consider yourself clever?

This person is very rich. But possesses a very stingy mind. He never begged a beggar.

He would not talk to anyone. He did not even have contact with the neighbors. He had no friends.

His wife and children were nothing. He was busy with himself.

He did not even think about who would eat his wealth in his absence.

He was so selfish that he never thought about his family.

That is why many people have money but do not have food.

Again many have no money but he does not hurt his own soul. This is the ultimate example of reality.

Anyway, what happened one day – the gentleman lost his money on the way home from the office.

Just as he was getting out of the car in front of the main gate, a bundle of 500/- notes fell from his pocket.

The gentleman did not notice that. He went inside. No servant or doorman saw him.

But a neighbor lives in front of his house. The neighbor saw that something had fallen out of his pocket. But from a distance, he does not understand.

Eventually, the neighbor went to the front of the gate and saw a bundle of money lying around.

He picked up the money. Then he tried to enter the house. He shouted a lot. The doorman came and stopped him.

The neighbor said I need him very much. The doorman said he would not meet at home. Go to his office to meet.

What is the distinction between sincere and cheating people?

What else will the poor doorman do, because if he is allowed in, he may lose his job!  Because the owner has given such an order.

Eventually, the neighbor returned home. But he noticed that at some point the gentleman came out.

The neighbor thought he would pay when he came out.

Then, in the morning, the rich gentleman came out to look for money.

In the morning he saw that the 500 / – bundle was missing.

He thought it might be time to get out of the car. He came out and started searching.

But the money is not supposed to fall for so long. Even then he went out to look.

When he went out looking for money, he saw the neighbor gentleman.

The neighbor gentleman came to the rich selfish man and asked, “Have you lost anything?”

Then the rich man said, yes I have lost some money!

The neighbor said, how much money have you lost?

The rich man said bundle of 500 / – notes. Then the neighbor took out the bundle of money and said, is this money yours?

Then he said yes it is mine.

But the problem is there.

What can clever people think?

The rich man thought. Let’s take this opportunity to make some more money.

The rich man with naughty intellect said I had 75000 / – here!

This is a big problem. The neighbor said I got this bundle. But thieves do not hear the story of religion.

He said again, I had 75000 / -.

Here is 50000 / -. You give me another 25000 / -. The neighbor was in great danger. What will he do then !!!

The neighbor said again, I have not taken any money from here. Don’t make false accusations.

The rich man got angry and said, “Okay, I’ll go to court.” There I will seek your judgment.

The neighbor thought, what kind of people did I go to benefit !!!

However, a few days later, Mr. George summoned 2 people from the court.

At one point, both of them appeared in court. Mr. George asked, whose money is this?

The rich gentleman said, “Sir, this money is mine.” Here it was 75000/-.

That person took 25000/- and returned 50000/- to me. Humble submission to my court, the remaining 25000/- as he returns it to me.

Mr. George then asked the neighbor gentleman, “Are the allegations against you true?”

Then the helpless man replied, Sir, I have collected the money on the street! I returned the money to him.

I counted there was 50000/-! I didn’t take any money from there.

What do you think the real position might be?

Hearing all this, Mr. George smiled a little! Then he said, well you have collected this money, then you have any claim on this money?

The neighbor said, “No, sir, I have no claim.” Because this money is not mine.

Then Mr. George said to the rich man, you have lost 75000/-. But it is

50000/- bundle. Then you should not have any claim on this money.

Because you have lost Rs. 75000/-. And here 50000/- rupees.

I am depositing this money in court. If someone demands money with proper proof, I will give it to him.

And if someone brings a 75000/- bundle, I will give it to you. Eventually, the verdict came into effect.

We saw that even the most mischievous intelligent people were caught.

And when they are caught, a lot of damage is done unknowingly.

How is the person next to you?

An honest person will never pretend to be a good person.

He hides from everyone.

But dishonest people like to beat their own drums.

Their words are the same and they do what they want

Which hurts others?

Look around you and you will see that every person is different.

Not everyone will value your words or actions.

No one may be valuing you.

Who is listening again but not taking into account? Someone else

Many questions about you are running through your mind.

You associate with many people for the convenience of work, but people at work or outside are from different worlds.

Little people have no value to the powerful.

They are some garbage lying on the side of the road brick, wood, and stone things like this.

Neither you nor I have the ability to understand everyone’s movements.

Even then we need to mix with people.

Some people are very clever in themselves.

He thinks himself clever again.

A very clever person is not valued when he is caught by someone.

Bad people are hated by everyone, but they are good in society.

So what must be evil?

Buy an Old Car

This is not the case!!

Being a good person can survive in the world. They have to suffer more.

Evil or overly clever people will see that no problem is a problem to them.

Trouble in hand or trouble can’t put them in any danger.

If you get money from someone who is full of power, and he is not returning your money.

Then you can’t even tell anyone.

If you tell someone, they will tell you that you have a problem of your own. So if not, then how to get money from him?

In society, the respect for the powerful and the rich are slightly different.

In fact, we have nothing to do.

Money is a thing in the hands of the respectable people of society and those who do not have it are the trash of society.

Clever people take advantage of this opportunity.

So be wise, but do not use your naughty intellect to do bad things.

I will appear again to introduce such clever people.

Thank you for staying with us.



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