March 18, 2023
Eat whatever you want to boost immunity

Expensive food is never a healthy food.

Eat whatever you want to boost immunity

What do we mean by immunity?

How can the disease be prevented?

Would you walk around dressed like a warrior?

Or do not leave the house! Which one?

No, none of this.

What will we do in health?

To date, no medicine has been discovered to prevent disease.

So Dr. food and some rules are more important to follow the rules.

Maybe some changes in your daily diet or some changes in your way of life.

Within the immune system, the most important thing is to eat a healthy diet, get enough sleep

avoid extra stress, avoid alcohol and smoking, and exercise regularly.

How important the body is to us is understood as time goes by. We have no knowledge or understanding in time.

we are human Many of us do not have time to take care of our bodies due to biological necessity.

Because of that recklessness, our life becomes hell. We have to carry the web of that hell all our life, that is, till death.

There are also some additional rules. However, it depends on your professional life.

This immunity is actually like a group of orchestras.

For example, a group of orchestras plays musical instruments to the beat.

One instrument cannot be played a little more or another a little less or louder. (S)

Similarly, if you want to increase immunity, you have to tie life to the rules.

Here’s how you can take care of your body and boost your immune system! Let’s discuss that here.

First, you need to learn to take care of yourself.

Never forget that healthy eating means very expensive food. Expensive food is never healthy food.

It is not a problem for us when the body has normal levels. But when our levels increase, our body loses its normal levels.

When we do what we think to do, we often go wrong. Even good words don’t want to be liked by us anymore. Being good in the body means being good in our work.

Cultivating good food habits should:

Regularly give your body non-vegetarian food. Protein, calcium, vitamins, and fats need to be given to your body.

The weather changes every two months. With that change comes a variety of problems.

Sneezing, cough, headache, etc.

Those problems protect your immune system.

Then the question may arise – why do we still get the disease?

This is due to the change of seasons. It is better to have a common cold cough. Because it removes the contaminants from inside your body.

Let’s find out what foods will generally keep our body better.

1) Tea with ginger:

You must drink tea! Do you just drink tea or mix something with it?

There is no need to mix anything very expensive. You have to mix ginger with tea and drink it.

Ginger controls inflammation in your body. This will protect your body from the cold.

When making tea, mix ginger with it and drink it.


Ginger Tea
Do you want to increase your immunity?

2) Oranges:

Oranges are rich in vitamin C.

Vitamin C is very essential for our body. Because vitamin C protects us from colds.

3) Raw pepper:

Raw peppers contain vitamin C. It also contains more minerals.

Eat with raw chilies at meal time.

Moreover, vitamin-C-rich food is a silent friend of our body.

Healthy Pepper

4) Water:

There is no substitute for water in our bodies. You will be surprised to know that water also has immunity.

There is no substitute for water to relieve dryness in sick conditions. In a word, water is the main tool of our life.

5) Sour yogurt:

Fermented foods usually contain some Pro-biotic ingredients.

So eat Pro-biotic rich foods. This includes sour yogurt.

The beneficial bacteria in it keep the contaminants away from our bodies.

Sour yogurt

6) Ginseng tea:

Ginseng is especially used in China for respiratory infections and colds.

It is very beneficial. Moreover, more detailed research on its effectiveness is underway.

Ginseng tea

7) Tomatoes:

Tomatoes are very beneficial to us when we are healthy or sick. It contains Vitamin C.

It is a vegetable that can be eaten raw or cooked.

So at least make a salad every day and eat tomatoes.

8) Dark chocolate:

Incredible but true black chocolate has various benefits for the body.

There is Theo-bromine in black chocolate. Which eliminates the problem caused by cold?

Moreover, black chocolate helps to increase sexual desire.

9) Broccoli:

Broccoli protects us from the cold. In addition to broccoli, there are other cruciferous vegetables that boost immunity.

The antioxidants in it protect our body from getting sick.

10) Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

Extra virgin olive oil really reminds me of disease prevention.

The high levels of polyunsaturated fatty acids in it reduce the inflammation of our body.

It also protects the body from getting sick by increasing immunity.

11) Green tea:

Drink green tea just to lose weight. It protects us from cold problems. The flavonoids in it are powerful antioxidant that boosts immunity.

The catechin antioxidant in it protects us from viruses and bacteria. This green tea is also able to protect against influenza.

green tea
green tea

12) Spinach:

Spinach is called a superfood for complete health protection. It is a vitamin-C-rich vegetable. This vegetable helps indigestion. Moreover, it removes the contaminated dirt from the body.

13) Whole grain bread:

Whole grains mean that the flour has not been refined. Its anti-inflammatory controls our body temperature. It keeps our digestive system healthy by growing healthy bacteria. It also keeps away cold problems.

14) Eggs:

I have been talking about various vegetable foods for so long, now let’s talk about a portion of animal food. The issue of eggs will come first. Egg yolk is the most powerful ingredient. Eggs are rich in vitamin D. Let me tell you another secret, if you are on a diet, eat a boiled egg every morning. You will see that your body will not be weak even if you feel hungry.

15) Garlic:

Garlic comes first in the list of foods that prevent colds. Not only that, it keeps the blood flow level of the body just right. Garlic regulates high blood pressure.

16) Milk:

Milk is one of the most nutritious liquid foods. Milk has all kinds of nutrients.

Which repairs all parts of our body. Milk eliminates the problem of cold. In a word, milk cannot be said to be nutritious.

We all eat food. But we cannot eat food.

Do you think that your body will be better if you eat full of food? This is a completely wrong idea.

Eat as much as you like. Consume less food than necessary.

But eat foods that are more nutritious. Eat that amount of food repeatedly without filling your stomach at once.

It will never accumulate fat in your body.

We often watch videos of eating food. It can be seen there that they eat many foods together.

Seeing that we practice at home. You don’t even know how harmful it is for you. So there is a limit to food intake.

Eating out can make you sick and cause obesity. This will seriously disrupt your normal life.

Avoid fatty foods as much as possible. It’s a different story if you’re skinny. Many people want to increase their weight.

I did not post this for them. I also wrote about what it takes to gain weight.

Let me tell everyone that if you lose your body and health once in your life, it is very difficult to recover it.

Because life is for once. This life will not give you chances again and again.

You can read different types of books to know. Take a little time out of your busy lives for yourself. It may be good for you.

One day age will pass, time will pass, one day you will not be able to keep this time to yourself. Then maybe you will feel sorry for yourself.

Increase your self-esteem.

There are also many other foods that can make our body immune. I will bring everything before you.

Hope you like this article. Bookmark my site to get something better.

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