March 18, 2023

How did ice cream come to us?

When you hear the word ice cream, your mind gets excited.

How many memories and events float in front of the eyes?

The lost sweet days from school, college, and university.

How can a chat be complete without ice cream?


Ice cream is a popular and fun food for most people in the world, especially the young generation.

This popular food is available anytime in any hangout or roadside.

Different flavors and aromas of ice cream are available in all countries.

Another fun ingredient in ice cream is no ice cream.

This ice cream is equally delicious. It is not known exactly when the ice cream

cone started, but the first wooden carved ice cream cone was found in 1807 in a

restaurant in Paris. In the 19th century in France, Germany, and Britain, metal, and paper

were used for ice cream. In 1888, popular European recipe writer

Mrs. Agnes Marshall

mentioned ice cream in her Mrs. Err B. Marshall Cookery Book. In the recipe titled ‘Cornette’ with

cream, he says that Chinese almonds can be made in the oven without applying any

kind of metal pressure. A crushed mixture of fruit, ice, egg, flour, and sugar can be served

with lunch or dinner. This famous writer published two books on ice cream and its machines.

Which gained wide popularity in the market at that time.

Ice cream gained enormous popularity in the United States in the 20th century.

On December 13, 1903, Italian Marchini from New York began making ice cream.

And since 1896, he has been the claimant of selling ice cream.

Many Americans ate their first ice cream cone at the 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition in St. Louis, Egypt.

Ernest Hamwi, a Syrian citizen, used to sell malaria or a special food made

from a mixture of flour, sugar, and milk. The English name of such food is pastry.

In 1928, through the Ice Cream Trade Journal, it became known that

pastry food became popular after some time. He later established a manufacturing

company called the Cornucopia Waffle Company. Missouri named it after a company.

At that time, about 250 million cones were produced annually. The owners of Daumer’s & BBQ Cone in

Norfolk, Virginia, claims that their uncle, Abe Daumer, sold

the first ice cream cone at the World’s Fair in St. Louis.

These were originally made by hand. In 1912, Frederick Brackman of Portland,

Oregon invented the first cone-making machine.

Selling freeze-dried ice cream was a longtime dream of the owners.

Until 1959 it was only a dream.

The dream became a reality due to the creation of the ice cream

manufacturing company ‘Spica’ machine. But sales were very low. In 1975, Unilever

The company bought Spica and launched the campaign around the world. Also called a kiddie or cool cup.

This was a brief history of ice cream.

How did the tea come?

Tea is undoubtedly one of the most popular beverages among the people of different countries of the world.

Today almost all the countries of the world are more or less familiar with the taste of tea.

However, it is not known precisely when and where this tea originated.

Although many people talk about China as the origin of tea based on various sources.

Interestingly, there are quite a few interesting anecdotes about the origin of tea in China.

One of them is that the Buddhist worshiper Bodhisattva was so sleepy

sitting in meditation one day that he could not concentrate in meditation.

Then he suddenly stood up and cut off his eyelids and threw them on the ground.

A tree grows from an eye leaf that falls on the ground and this tree is the tea tree.

Another tradition is that a Chinese king had a habit of drinking hot water.

One day he went hunting and asked his assistant for hot water while eating it, he got a different taste in it.

Then he saw that a leaf was lying in the cup of hot water. And this leaf was the leaf of the tea tree.

The other day, looking at Chinese history beyond these stories, it can be seen that during the time of the

world-famous Chinese philosopher Confucius, tea began to be widely used in the 550th century BC. In 793 Chinese tea was taxed.

Although tea arrived in Japan from China in the 9th century, the Japanese began cultivating it in 1206.

However, the Chinese claim that cultivation began during the reign of Emperor Hsin Na in 5000 BC. In the 1600s, tea traveled to Europe through the Dutch.

Although there are some differences of opinion about it.

But it is almost certain that tea reached England in the 1700s.

The first tea shop was opened in London in 1659. In 1664, the East India Company

presented 2 pounds 2 ounces of tea to the then-British Emperor Charles II.

The popularity and familiarity of tea in the subcontinent are due to their hands.

On the other hand, in 1677, the company had to export tea from China on a commercial basis.

However, over time it spread to different countries of South and South East Asia.

Nowadays, tea is popular all over the world as a drink.

According to many who work on the history of tea, it was first

prized by the Chinese as a medicine that later became accepted as a regular drink.

In fact, there are various theories and disagreements about tea.

The demands of the people of each country are different.

However, tea is currently very popular all over the world drink.

Coca-Cola Museum ‘World of Coca-Cola’

Clean water is the first choice of people to quench their thirst all over the world.

But many drink bottles and cans are available in the market to quench thirst.

Notable among them is Coca-Cola. There is nothing to reacquaint people with this drink.

No one can be found at this age who has not drunk Coca-Cola or any such drink.

But do we know how Coca-Cola has come to the present stage after more than a century? About the year 1885.

The method of making Coca-Cola was invented in Columbus, Georgia, USA. John Stith

Pemberton is known as the first discoverer of It was originally named Pemberton’s Coca Wine Cola.

Inspired by the great success of the European Angelo Marianis’ coca wine Vin Mariani, he embarked on this invention.

In 1885, laws were passed in Atlanta and Fulton to ban this honor.

Pemberton then responded by promoting Coca-Cola’s material excellence.

He detoxifies this drink. On May 8, 1886, it was first sold at Jacob’s Pharmacy in Atlanta, Georgia.

At first, it was sold as medicine for 5 cents a glass. It became very popular in America because they believed that

carbonated drinks were good for health. And Pemberton claimed that Coca-Cola cured many diseases.

Among these were morphine energy, indigestion, nervous weakness, headache, and more serious issues.

Pemberton first advertised the drink in the Atlanta Journal on May 29, 1886.

For the first 8 months, only 9 Coca-Colas were sold per day. In 1888, 3 types of Coca-Cola were sold in 3 different stores.

In 1887 Griggs Candler bought Pemberton’s company and formed a corporation with Coca-Cola.

Pemberton sold his property a second time to 4 businessmen. In the middle, they were starting to sell.

Thinking of his son, Pemberton began producing Coca-Cola for Charlie.

The owner of one of those two companies manufactures his drink called Candler – “Yum Yum”. But that didn’t last long.

In 1892, Candler fashioned a 2nd company, Coca-Cola. That company is doing global business today with great splendor.

Coca-Cola was sold as a bottled drink on March 12, 1894.

It first appeared in the market in a tin can form in 1965. In 1891, Joseph Err Biedenhorn, owner of the

Breydenhorn Crundi Company in Vicksburg, Mississippi, was the first bottler of Coca-Cola.

Coca-Cola is currently sold in almost every country in the world and is in

high demand as a soft drink in all countries.

A museum named World of Coca-Cola has been built in Atlanta, Georgia.

All the history of all models of Coca-Cola bottles, cans, posters, and

advertisements is preserved here for visitors.

First drinking straw for drinking:

Some young people are chatting in the restaurant.

There is a meal at the desk in front of them.

There are a few glasses. Soft drinks in glass.

The story revolves around food chess and small sips dipped in the glass.

They enjoy drinking like this. But what is the name of the simple tube immersed in the drink?

The pipe is called a drinking pipe. No one is unfamiliar with this pipe, which

is used in all countries of the world. This straw is used for drinking milk, milk, soft drink, and juice.

So it is very popular with everyone. Drinking without a straw is unthinkable.

However, many people do not like this straw.

These straws are now also available to those who sell dab on the streets.

The tube is sealed with thin plastic paper along with the favorite juice of small children.

These straws are made of different types of plastic.

look narrow Earlier, straight straws were made but now curved straws are produced for drinking convenience.

It is called bendy straw. is assumed.

Bendy straws were first introduced by the Suremians for drinking beer.

But initially, it was not so advanced.

It was not possible to drink conveniently at first.

Later, Argentina and its neighboring countries started using this type of straw. They called it Bombilla.

They used it for grating and drinking tea.

The demand for straws is gradually increasing.

It is made up-to-date. In 1888, Marvin C. Stone created a design for the modern straw.

The paper straws that were used earlier were generally narrow-mouthed.

Modern plastic straws are widely manufactured. So as to be comfortable or convenient to use.

As a result, its call is growing day through day.

This straw started to be improved in different countries.

Most straws in the US are made of plastic.

One end of the straw is submerged in the water, the other is above the water so that the person can draw a drink from it.

Straw has various names and types according to use. Crazy straws are made of hard plastic and twisted from the top.

The use of straws cannot be overstated. There are no people in the world to whom it needs to be introduced.

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So until today.

We will talk about something new again.

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