March 18, 2023
Cumin Tea

How does cumin tea increase immunity

The tea we almost all drink. Tea is a very popular drink with us.

It is rare indeed to find a person who does not drink tea.

Tea is currently such a popular drink that can be drunk at any time, winter, summer, or monsoon, i.e. 12 months.

Drinking tea has many physical benefits. Which is very useful for us.

Of course, those who do not drink tea are different.

There is no country in the world that does not have tea in every family in the country!

Tea is not only popular with everyone but it is also good for health.

How did you start drinking tea?

It is known that the Chinese ruler “Shen Tang” discovered this tea around 2737 BC.

In the outbreak of an unknown disease during his reign, “Shen Tang” ordered everyone in the kingdom to boil the water and drink it.

Those who are kings of empires end by giving orders. It is seen that they do not follow this order themselves.

But this ruler himself used to boil water while drinking.

In this way, the effects of that unknown disease in the state began to decrease. One day the king went to travel far away.

As he went he got tired and asked everyone to stop for a drink of water. And ordered his companions to boil water.

When the water was boiling, a green leaf flew out from nowhere. Which fell into the water and the color of the water changed.

The king smelled and tasted the water. He liked it.

Then he collected that tree from there. After returning to the state, he planted that tree and made some more trees and made tea from the leaves, and drank it.

He noticed that drinking it has many physical benefits. He then awarded it to the kingdom as the leaf of its medicinal plant.

The use of tea leaves started to make medicinal drugs for various diseases.

From history, we know that the first sip of tea was given by ‘Shen Tang’ sir.

It is also known that at that time, common people could not drink this tea except for the noble families of the state. Only if any medicine was needed then it was obtained.

Why do we drink tea?

Tea gives us peace of mind. Eliminates work fatigue. Brings back the taste by cutting the fatigue of the mouth. The caffeine content in tea helps to relieve fatigue.

We feel comfortable drinking tea for severe headaches. Because caffeine fights headaches.

When is the right time to drink tea?

We can drink tea whenever we want. But there are some suitable times to drink tea.

We drink tea, especially in the morning and afternoon. Tea in the morning relieves our sleep and afternoon tea gives us some relief from the fatigue of the day.

But, you can drink tea in between work.

So, we all drink more or less tea. But who is drinking cumin tea?

I think many people have drunk. But do you know how to make cumin tea to get better results?

Very simple recipe to use.

Many people mix thousands of ingredients with tea. But adding extra ingredients does not increase the taste and quality of tea. Rather, the taste of the tea is lost.

What kind of spices do we give when we cook curry?

Remember, if you give more than the number of spices needed! So can you eat that curry? Of course, you can’t eat.

When we go to eat at the hotel, what do we do if the food is bad?

Of course, I complained to the hotel manager.

Similarly, making tea at home and adding extra ingredients will make the tea taste bad.

So when we make tea, we will give the ingredients as per the need.

Just like today, we will learn to make cumin tea.

No, this is not a tutorial class. This tea is able to enhance your taste as well as immunity.

What are the benefits of tea?

Drinking tea is no longer a problem. But tea was not like this from birth. This tea was beyond the reach of common people.

This tea was not as readily available in earlier times as it is now.

Anyway, what are the benefits of drinking tea?

* Drinking tea reduces the threat of coronary heart disease

* Drinking tea has different types of bacteria in our body which will enter our body. This tea can kill all those harmful bacteria.

* This tea reduces the risk of stroke.

* Green tea can reduce body weight. If you drink at least 2 cups of green tea every day you will surely stay fresh and energetic.

* Tea is rich in antioxidants. Which protects us from harmful viruses and bacteria in the body.

How to make cumin tea:

How to make cumin tea?

First, take a small amount of cumin in the palm of your hand.

You can also fry cumin. Take salt in harmony with the amount of cumin you have taken.

If you make 1 cup of tea, put a little salt on the cumin between two fingers.

Now grind well with the thumb finger of the opposite hand. When it becomes like salt and cumin powder, pour it into a cup of tea.

No got to powder an excessive amount. Then pour your tea into the cup. Give sugar, of course. If you’re a diabetic, you’ll avoid sugar.

Your cumin tea is ready.

Always drink tea, now drink this tea and see how it tasted.

Tea can actually be made with a variety of ingredients. But it is a different and useful tool.

Cumin increases the digestive power in our body. Cumin is very useful for those who have a lot of gastric problems.

Not just tea, cumin water gives very good results.

It is not possible for anyone to make cumin water and drink it in time. We are all very busy with our busy lives. There is no time to pay so much attention to luxury.

But, when it comes to fancy food. We don’t have very good food. We eat a lot of fatty foods. As a result, we fall into a very bad situation. But, we avoid what we need to do to keep ourselves healthy.

We should take care of ourselves in the midst of hundreds of activities. Because, when the age is over 35, there is no more time. Then there is no time at all.

Life is for the little days. It is our responsibility to manage him properly.

Drink Tea
Drink Tea

And what kind of benefits are there?

As the iron is hot, it has to be measured. Once the iron has cooled, the tool cannot be made.

Similarly, it is important to take care of your health when you are young.

You just drank cumin water or cumin tea and thought I was health conscious. It would not be right to think like that.

Awareness is not for the slightest few days. We have to work within a long-term plan.

Today I showed you a very simple recipe for making cumin tea.

I hope you will bookmark my site. As if you are the first to see each of my posts.

I am saying goodbye today with the best wishes of everyone.

Stomach ache:

Are you suffering from stomach pain? Always feel gas and bloating? Do you have indigestion?

There are many people who suffer from indigestion or dysentery only for 4/5 months of the year. I have good news for them. That is cumin will set you free.

Take 1 teaspoon of cumin and a pinch of salt in the palm of your hand and grind the cumin and salt well and mix it with tea.

You also can upload touch honey to it.

So we will drink tea every day. But if you want to be careful, drink tea that must be black tea and less sugar.

Drinking tea with too much sugar does not help. Instead, the sugar level in the body may increase. So follow the rules and drink tea and stay healthy.

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