March 22, 2023
what is Corona Virus

How has coronavirus affected the world?

How has Coronavirus affected the world?

Do you know about the coronavirus?

Currently, one cannot find a person who does not know about coronavirus.

Everyone is aware of this little virus. It is known that every 100 years such an unknown danger comes to the earth.

This danger is a great threat to the human race.

A global pandemic that could wipe out human resources.

The impact of which is now visible to the world.

What is covid-19?

What is this covid-19? How is it named? The World Health Organization has named this pandemic.

Just as the storms come during the change of season and the weather department names those storms.

After this coronavirus appeared in the world, the shape and color of the world changed.

The world has stopped. Everything seems to have stopped. This covid-19 has become a great threat to us and it is affecting the entire world.

Our physical Damage due to corona-19:

Are you recovering? Or did you have the coronavirus at all?

If not, you are not aware of its impact. And if you are trapped by the corona, that is a different matter.

It is a silent killer inside our bodies. Maybe you are fine now. But are you getting the passion for work as before? What is your state of mind?

Is your mind at work as speedy as before?

When asked such a question, 80% of people currently answer in the negative.

The coronavirus is not only harming us physically,

You have also destroyed our mental strength.

If you yourself are affected by the corona virus, think about it

Is your workflow the same as before?

If you are a 25-30-year-old young man or a married man, think about whether your physical ability is the same as before?

Peace of mind is a separate good.

It isn’t with inside the identical function anymore.

Like everyone, now the question in the mind is where did the good stay go.

Only one specific question have to every mind .

How has corona-virus affected the world?

Corona virus has destroyed all the good and peace of the world.

All work has slowed down. Big companies are now in a situation where they are losing money.

Unemployment rises to record levels.

Every country in the world has now devalued its currency.

The value of the dollar has skyrocketed.

The price of every product is now beyond the affordability of everyone.

Imported goods are the most affected in the world market.

How the corona virus is affecting us cannot be overstated.

The prices of all electric products have gone out of reach especially towards Asia.

Every product is sold at a very high price by the sellers on the corner.

There isn’t any one to speak to or see.

There is silence from the government to the administration.

The only reason is that the prices have increased due to the corona virus.

Impact of Corona on Education Sector:

We all know the saying that education is the backbone of the nation.

Today the education system has become spineless.

Day after day and month after month due to school-college closure has created a negative attitude towards education in the minds of young children.

Those who go to a new school have a different joy in mind. But the parents could not let their children go to school.

Children think that their life is like this!!!

What enters a tender mind does not come out easily.

But there was no way!!!

Examinations for final studies have been postponed again and again. In this way, the candidates have fallen behind by several years.

The resulting impact on our world will be dire.

That will not be too easy to overcome.

Market Review:

I have already said that the market system has been severely damaged all over the world. Product prices are beyond the purchasing power of 80% people.

The price of all types of fuel oil has skyrocketed all over the world.

The same is the case with edible oil. It seems that he is selling as much as he can.

Everyone’s only question is how long wills it last? No one knows the answer to this blind question.

In the midst of this, it has been seen that due to the lack of proper management of the government, Sri Lanka has suffered serious changes.

It is as if everyone has established a reign of terror everywhere.

This is like a situation that exceeds the level of oppression.

People of the world want to get rid of it.

Country wise Volatility:

You may notice that there is a nationwide unrest.

There is no peace and order in any country.

There are complaints of shortages in all countries.

Some of them want to join the war.

Where do they get so much courage from?

There is no more difficult situation than being caught in the hands of nature.

Even after that there is no fear in people’s minds.

Some countries are blinded by the arrogance of power.

Which country is going bankrupt due to the effect of Corona, and which country is planning to go to war!!

The information technology sector has now dropped to below 60% of their service quality.

It is like an unstable empire with everything.

Volatility in food products:

Food is one of our daily necessities without which we cannot survive.

During this epidemic, there is also unrest about it.

Its level of volatility is disproportionately high in Asia.

Where European countries say how to adulterate food?

Today there is also a food crisis.

But if you look around Asia today, you can see that the food crisis there is artificial.

People are creating the food crisis themselves.

Keeping food in stock is not bringing food to the market in the hope of selling it at a higher price.

Ordinary or low income people who are struggling day and night to save their family.

Everyone’s income has decreased. There again the price of medicine is increasing.

Electricity prices are increasing every month.

The only question for everyone is how many days will continue?

Economic recession and its effects:

Corona virus first started from China. After that, it spread very quickly to 185 developing countries in the world within the next 3 months. The impact of which began to fall in the economic sector.

Gradually the situation started to worsen.

The International Monetary Fund termed this recession as a global recession.

Most prominent countries of the world are working day and night to overcome this recession.

But no one ever thought that nature would take revenge on people like this.

The entire world has been under severe lock-down due to the outbreak of Corona and has been plagued with economic problems.

The situation in the European Union is not good at all. Germany’s economy shrank by about 10%. Many countries are now in debt and disoriented.

Not only country No. huge and multinational companies are also in dire straits. Especially in the face of Maratma Lekasan, an institution dependent on tourism.

The situation in the European Union is not good at all. Germany’s economy shrank by about 10%. Many countries are now in debt and disoriented.

Not only country No. huge and multinational companies are also in dire straits. In particular, tourism-dependent establishments face heavy losses.

Today is such a difficult thing to show that there is no problem.

Currency problems have become more Pronounced:

The whole world looks to the American dollar.

Currently, its crisis has increased at a serious rate.

The currency value of the dollar is currently the highest.

Asian countries do not have reserve currency now.

As a end result of which intense inflation has been visible with-inside the countries.

Low income groups are not immune from its impact.

Only 10%-15% of people in those countries now have a lot of money.

Those who have earned by showing the influence of power.

And the remaining percentage is barely making ends meet. The corona virus has taught us that arrogance of power does not last long.

The state government of every country is working to sustain its losses and the country.

Do now no longer realize whilst this hassle could be resolved?


Hope we all get rid of this problem very soon.

Until today, I will appear with any new information or news in the future.

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