March 21, 2023
how to build immunity

how to build immunity

It is normal for the human body to get sick. At times, however,

this normal course can lead to a major setback in our lives.

We usually don’t have too much common fever.

Because it can happen during the change of seasons.

All is well with simple medication.

However, at some point, it is seen that slowly some diseases start settling in our bodies.

This is reflected in the fact that when we reach the age of 40.

I can see that I am healthy! So how did this problem come to me?

How to build immunity?

In fact, we are in such danger because of some irregularities in our life journey. (2)

Don’t be surprised by my words and come back from the hospital from time to time.

When you go there, you will see thousands of people coming to Dr. with his own thousands of problems.

At the root of everything is the power of our body’s immunity.

It’s not just that children need immunity. Immunity is also important for those of us who are adults.

We are all very busy with our civic life. We don’t have time to look back. We can’t take care of ourselves.

Care does not mean sitting at home all day or exercising.

Today I will discuss how you can take care of yourself very little.

Need enough sleep:

The first thing I want to start with is how many hours do you sleep every day?

If your body lacks sleep, your immunity will never grow.

No matter how good food you eat daily, it won’t do any good.

Even if the word is bad to hear or sound, the word is 100% true and correct.

Your body gets tired after work. A tired body wants to rest. Rest is the only sleep.

If you work all day and don’t sleep at night then at some point your body will become a burden on you.

Adults need at least 7 hours of sleep per day. Teenagers need 8-10 hours of sleep and children need 12-14 hours.

Apart from this, if you do irregularity, it will be a great danger.

Consume additional plant foods:

Plant foods can be – fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, etc. You will get antioxidants and enough calories in it.

Wheat bread should be eaten with rice.

Limit sugar intake:

You must eat sugar every day! Tea or coffee or any other sweet food.

So don’t always consume more sugar than you need.

Sugar is necessary for our bodies. But excess sugar increases the risk.

Always reduce the risk of diabetes. Sugar will flavor your tongue and float you in a sea of danger.


Protein is a very important element for our body. Protein helps to provide internal energy to our body.

Usually, we get protein from eggs, fish, chicken, milk, etc. However, avoid red meat when eating meat.

The protein that is found in ordinary meat is not found in red meat. (1)

Try to put eggs and milk on the food list every day.

A person needs to have the same amount of protein as his weight.

If your weight is 70 kg. However, you need to eat 70-72 grams of protein per day.


Vitamin C helps boost immunity. Vitamin C is one of the foremost essential micronutrients within the physical body.

This acts as the body’s antioxidant. This means that the antioxidants in vitamin C remove contaminants from the body.

Oranges, lemons, guavas, papayas, pomegranates, etc., we get vitamin C.

What many may not know is that raw peppers are rich in vitamin C. So put green chilies on the menu every time you eat.

There is nothing to be afraid of even if the level of vitamin C in the body is high.

Because Vitamin-C alone is not stored in the body.

How to build immunity?

An adult male needs to consume at least 90 grams of vitamin-C daily and a woman 80 grams. There is no harm in more.


We do a lot of work every day. Some people do a lot of physical work. Their body needs the most vitamins. Which is not on everyone’s food list.

And our body remains in that deficit. If it continues like this for a long time, the body gradually becomes weak due to vitamin deficiency.

So even if it is difficult, you should give some amount of vitamin C to the body every day.

Vitamin B12:

Vitamin-B12 helps to increase the body’s resistance to disease.

Vitamin-B12 is found in various dairy foods. However, those who eat vegetarian food can list this supplementary food with the advice of Dr.

However, the importance of vitamins to keep the body well is immense.

In addition to taking vitamins, you need to change the way you live your life.

Some very simple habits you must adhere to. If a little change benefits your whole life, wouldn’t you?

I think you must do it and comply.

(1) You have to awaken very early in the morning.

(2) Of course, do not drink tea or coffee before brushing your teeth. Then the germs in your mouth will easily go inside the stomach.

(3) However, you can drink a glass of water by stirring well. Then brush without delay.

(4) Go out after brushing. Take a short walk. Try to walk a little faster. This will reduce your fat.

(5) You can have tea or coffee back home. It is better if you can eat 1 boiled egg.

A boiled egg in the morning will meet your protein needs throughout the day.

(6) After 1 hour you can have breakfast.

Exercise regularly every day:

Don’t just look at the food. You should also do yoga and sweat exercises regularly every day.

Exercise will keep your body active and keep you active in all activities.

At the same time do meditation for your brain.

Almost everyone does not eat much in the morning. In fact, it is a very wrong idea. Even if you eat a full meal in the morning, there is no problem.

But we eat at night on a full stomach. The biggest mistake we start from there.

We should eat more in the morning. This will not cause any physical problems. Eat-in moderation at noon and at night on an empty stomach.

In the morning we go out to work. Even if we don’t go out, we work from home. This is our hard work. Excess body fat is easily digested. (3)

But we never do that.

We continue to waste our immunity early in the day.

We sleep all night. At that time we did not eat any food. Don’t even drink water. So our demand for food is high in the morning.

So from now on, we will eat our fill in the morning. And less at night.

I will discuss this topic in another episode.

You don’t just have to look at the food. Of course, you have to do physical work. If you have no work to do physical work!

Then you need to exercise regularly. There is no substitute for exercise.

If you notice a little, you will see that some diseases are common in those who are richer.

But why?

Be careful and take care of yourself:

Because they do no hard work. Don’t even exercise. As a result, they have many big physical problems. Problems that don’t happen to poor people. Surprising but true.

There is only one life. And once this life is lost, it will never come back.

So it is very important to be aware.

Do not wrap yourself in yourself. Spend at least 1 hour a day with friends. Not just if you work. There is also a need for entertainment in life.

Have fun with your wife and children at home. You will see that the mind will be better and the body will be better.

The more you relax your body, the worse it will get. One day your comfort will create extreme consequences for you.

The body will get a little worse and go to Dr. Why? So you have a lot of money?

Think about it, can money give back a life?

You may say in unison that no money can bring life back.

Just go to Dr. and tell me how to boost immunity.

How do I stay healthy?

Give me good medicine!

It will not benefit you. Rather it will benefit Dr.

So you have to be aware of yourself to keep the immunity good.

Love yourself.

Love the family, you will be fine yourself.


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