March 17, 2023
how to gain weight naturally

how to gain weight naturally

Women can gain weight naturally. Although they do less physical work, they also do less outdoor work.

You don’t have to put in the effort to lose weight to gain it. Again, you have to keep in mind the good and bad sides of the body.

If you only think about raising it, it can take a reverse turn.

Working with what I would call a natural approach will definitely benefit you

but working outside of these guidelines means you have to be prepared for the opposite problem.

I try to tell both the good and bad sides. It is your responsibility to choose between the two.

Increase your calorie intake by:

If you can give your body an extra 500 calories per day then you will be able to gain weight very easily.

But you must be careful that you do not become lazy, sluggish, or sick.

A 500 calorie increase per day can expect to gain 1 lb to 1.8 lb per week.

To increase 500 calories per day, you must eat vitamins and rich food.

But if you eat too much junk food for the sake of gaining weight, you will become sick, energy and lazy. This will put you at more health risk.

You can add high-protein foods to your food list. What does protein contain?

High protein is found in milk, egg, curd, etc.

There are a variety of foods made with milk that are delicious and high in protein.

Talk to your doctor or a nutritionist about your weight gain. In which your health risk is less.

Healthy fats should be consumed:

You can eat peanuts, butter, and seeds as healthy fats.

It plays an important role in gaining weight.

Spread the almond paste on bread and eat.

You can eat it with peanut jelly. Which will increase your body fat.

There are some fats that we get from animals. You will get saturated fat in it.

One of these is dairy products. From which you can take high cholesterol.

Consume protein-rich foods:

You will get your proper ingredients in protein-rich foods.

It will increase your body’s muscles.

Apart from eating protein, you should also exercise regularly. You should eat protein food according to a consistent rule.

Do not eat too much outside the rules.

The best source of protein is milk. Which is enough to fulfill all the needs of your body.

You can make various kinds of products with milk and eat them.

Use cooking oil and butter while cooking:

Whatever you cook, you must use oil and butter. By doing this you will get all types of fat content. You don’t have to live separately from the body.

This ingredient is very beneficial for those who have a very thin body.

If you cook with butter during cooking, your body will get more than 100 calories per day. Which is much more than your daily needs.  (01)

Drink caloric drinks:

Another simple trick is that you have to drink high-calorie drinks. If you drink caloric drinks regularly, you will feel bloated within a few days.

At the beginning of the day, you drink a glass of orange juice. It is good to drink mango juice or mixed fruit juice in the afternoon.

You can put milk in the juice. Drink almond paste with milk. It removes bone density making it an ideal drink for skinny people.

Diet should be changed: 

Food intake needs to be changed:

The longer you eat, the more vitamin-enriched foods will do you no good.

While eating, you should make it a habit to finish the food in less time.

The amount of food will be large. You should eat a little more than what you eat.

You have to change the plate on which you eat food and get a bigger plate.

And after filling in the food, you will think that I will not get up without finishing the food.

Eat more food than the mind needs. Then it will play an extreme role in weight gain.

Eat frequently:

Have to eat again and again. What you eat you have to eat again and again.

Suppose you eat more than three meals a day. But that is not very good.

Experts say you should not eat more than three times, eat that food six times a day.

It will benefit you. Eating too much food at one time will increase your weight as well as your stomach.

By doing this, your weight will increase easily and there will be less chance of belly enlargement.

You must have vegetables with meals.

Eat more snacks:

If you make a habit of eating more snacks, you can take calories without eating more food. That calorie will increase your habit level more.

Imagine sitting at home watching TV. Then eat a handful of nuts. If you have eggs at home, make sandwiches and eat them.

which will provide nutrients to your balanced diet.

Make tea with milk and drink it. Limit sugar consumption. Because the diabetes factory is sugar.

Eat buttered toast while watching TV.

Everyone wants to know how to gain weight. In fact, I will present to you today how you can increase your weight.

Try to improve the taste of food:

What you eat is perfect in your world of taste?

Do you ever think that the taste of food would be better? So try to taste your own food without delay.

Sometimes it feels like trying something new with food. Make something new and eat it. Make your own delicious meal without delay.

Start cooking and eating new items.

Add new ingredients to the overall food world.

This theory will force you to gain weight.

Drink More Calories:

Another good trick is to drink high-calorie drinks. By doing this you can eat a lot of calories and get a balanced meal.

This will make you feel heavy and sluggish.

The first way is that you drink orange juice every morning with breakfast.

You will get lots of calories along with vitamin C in orange juice.

With milkshake. This will build up your muscles and is more beneficial for weak people and those suffering from bone problems.

Increase your portion sizes
Increase your portion sizes

Increase your portion sizes:

How are you eating? how did you feel comfortable Eating?

You should increase the amount of food when you eat. Increase your food intake with the amount of food on the plate.

You must take more than that amount during meals.

Gradually your stomach will get used to it. A fun trick is to think that when you eat, you are eating less than you need. Then your food quantity will increase automatically.

The muscles in your body should focus on:

Are you just eating? If the body only takes food while sitting, it will not do any good. You might be drooling. But the body will be the arena of disease.

So the body should be refreshed. The body should be engaged in exercise.

You can maintain muscle mass by exercising. You can keep your body healthy again. It should be said here that there is no better medicine than exercise.

If you can’t do it alone, join a gym and train.

Exercise will increase appetite. You will be more attracted to food and gain muscle.

Avoid smoking:

Must quit smoking. Smoking will suppress your appetite.

It will reduce your appetite. Your lungs will weaken.

If you want to improve your health and weight, you need to quit smoking today.

It’s not easy though. Even then you should quit smoking.

If it is not easy for you to quit smoking, eat food 2 hours before or 2 hours after eating.

If you want to gain weight, you have to quit smoking slowly.

quit smoking
quit smoking- smartpuka

Keep a food journal for yourself:

You can measure what you eat or how much you eat. From that, it will be easy for you to calculate how many calories you have consumed in a day and how many calories you need.

You can measure your body condition.

You create accounts on a monthly basis. Think about yourself.

Exercising or working out? See and calculate how many calories you spent on it.

Add to that your caloric intake. By doing this you maintain a proper journal system.

Reduce your stress:

Stress is one of the greatest enemies of man. If you want to kill that enemy, you have to try yourself.

When people are under stress, their appetite slows down and they are reluctant to eat. That reluctance will prevent you from gaining weight.

To reduce stress. You can exercise and meditate to reduce stress. That will give you peace of mind.

You can take a warm bath before going to bed, especially on hot days.

Commit yourself to:

If we are committed to ourselves, our work will be easier. You have to believe in yourself.

Gaining weight is not very easy, once it is lost. So just as we have to make sacrifices to regain lost wealth, here too you have to be committed.

Keep in mind that you should make a commitment to yourself to gain at least 4-5 pounds a month.

In reality, you might get something better or close to it.

Stay Healthy Stay Well:

The key to being well is in your own hands. Believe in yourself.

Develop the habit of consuming good quality healthy food.

Avoid eating too much junk food. Junk food excess can be dangerous for you.

I tried my best to present it so that you may not have the opposite reaction to gaining weight.

Be well and advise others to be well.


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