March 22, 2023

How to keep my face bright?


There are many types of cosmetics available in the market to protect the beauty of men and women.

This is for girls and which is for boys.

Other types of cosmetics are also available depending on age.

He uses whatever he likes.

I accepted that everything is fine.

But can age be prevented?

Is it possible to remove the impression of age if you want?

Age cannot be hidden. No matter how young you think you are, old age will come.

The happiness of your youth will be swept away. Can you stop the flow of the river?

In the same way, we can’t keep our age even if we want to.

We have to accept reality.

But still, some words remain! For example, is there no way we can keep the beauty of our face a little better?

Yes, it is possible to retain some elegance if you follow some rules and practice something good.

Today we will discuss some such issues.

Especially the internal structure of the body changes from the age of 12 years.

Every time you turn 13, your body changes radically. This time is very important for us.

The period from 13 to 19 years is called a teenager.

Hormonal changes in the body are most during this time.

Boys and girls start using very common cosmetics in a very bad way at this time. Do you know ………?

At this age, you do not need to use any cosmetics. Because the skin of this period is so soft that it starts to get damaged with the use of cosmetics.

Some good-quality creams and lotions can be used for winter. If there is a great desire to use cosmetics,

then very good quality original cosmetics should be used, even in very small quantities.

Then the most real and frightening thing is hormonal changes.

You are reading this article of mine! Maybe you are 15 years old or maybe 19-20 or a little older. I said it as an example !!!

At this age, boys and girls go astray as a result of hormonal changes.

Most boys then masturbate. Sometimes or 4-5 times a day. You know what It makes you feel better temporarily.

But you are ruining your own future.

You may be wondering why masturbation is coming here.

Because, whenever you masturbate, go in front of the mirror and look at yourself.

You will see how much the brightness of your face has decreased from before.

During this time your body is producing hormones that are your lifelong companions.

But this time you are destroying that power.

I accepted that the fire of youth of this time cannot be extinguished. But you have to know for your own desire.

These issues are not mentioned in 99.97 percent of the families or educational institutions.

Because it’s a shame. So it cannot be presented in front of everyone.

But every family should at least teach these things to the child. Especially a mother can teach this to her child.

It was just about the boys. Girls have bigger problems. Every month they are menstruating.

But even then they masturbate very hard. There are various products available for girls in the market nowadays.

Those girls buy and use for themselves. You do not know what kind of damage you are doing.

Masturbating at an early age does not mean that you are harming your own appearance.

Rather it will have an effect when you become a mother. Even after marriage, many girls do not have children.

The biggest reason for this is not being able to handle yourself at an early age.

Take care of yourself at least until you are 19 years old.

Then there are irregularities. We make irregularities for the sake of studying or for other reasons.

I wake up late in the morning! Do not eat in the morning! I eat lunch late or leave healthy food at home because of outside food.

Eat and sleep late at night and in the middle of the night.

I wake up at night and watch mobile or TV. I am busy playing games on my mobile. All in all, our day does not begin and end without irregularities.

Even though so many irregularities can take our mind, our body cannot.

Everyone eats more junk food outside. It is a threat to our health. At a young age, you can spend 2-4 days without

eating all day and without sleeping. But the body does not give in at all.

The result of which is reflected in our appearance.

Old age is late, but in fact, old age is visible on our faces. Looking at the 25-year-old man, it seems that he is over 40 years old.

The face is important to us. Many of us cannot take care of ourselves due to work or family problems.

When we cross the age of 25, we have a lot of responsibility towards ourselves and our families.

Ignoring it, we have no time to take care of ourselves. Before 25 years we can be very careful about ourselves.

But then we don’t take care of our bodies. Our body has a flow of hormones for up to 25 years which

keeps our skin and blood healthy. After 25 years, that hormone flow starts to decrease. Then our body needs extra care.

Our body does not need to pay extra attention. Why I say this now may be a question in everyone’s mind!!!!

There is a reason to say it! And that reason is the way we conduct our daily lives. It’s okay that we can’t

take care of ourselves for work. But you don’t realize that you are harming yourself. When do you wake up? And when do you go to sleep?

It may be a trivial matter to you. Many of us do not pay attention to this, when we sleep and when we wake up!!!

This matter of sleeping and waking up is very important in our life. Due to this, you are losing the radiance of your face. Which you don’t feel yourself.

I will have another important discussion on this topic in the future.

But we don’t have time to care for our bodies anymore. Most men and women are so busy with their busy life and family that they don’t have time to take care of themselves.

What is the reason behind this?

We have to live with some mistakes in our life. It is no longer possible for us to pay for that mistake.

However, some more eating habits can give you some guarantee of life. You have to do a lot of austerities. You have to manage your life with strict rules.

Think about how you came to be when you came into the world! Of course, it had to come according to a system.

Then slowly you grew up! There is a deeper system involved in everything.

And for a beautiful life, you will not follow the system, it cannot be.

Not just by word of mouth How to keep my face bright! Or How to Get Younger Long time!

Everyone says to do it, do it, eat it. But no one explains!

In fact, where is our problem? Why do 97% of people have similar problems? How do the remaining 3% of people maintain themselves?

What is their lifestyle like?

We will know everything slowly.

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I will give you the gift of writing in full on that subject.

Healthy Food need Also Everyday.

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