March 20, 2023
Want to keep yourself fresh even at age 40

Want to keep yourself fresh even at age 40

Want to keep yourself fresh even at age 40?

Have you ever thought about yourself? If you are 25 or 30 years old now,

will your beauty be like this when you are 40 years old?

Do you love yourself If you care about yourself then this post is for you?

Let’s find out how you can take care of yourself !!!

Then put these foods into the diet.

Nowadays, women are not just handling household chores.

Women’s lives are cut short. And if you are the mother of the child, there can be no more talk.

He has to do household chores even if he comes home after managing outside work all day.

Life is no longer a barrier to life.

In the midst of all this busyness, are you looking after yourself?  Or do not get the time?

In this way, day and night work and busyness is slowly making you fall into old age, you may not notice.

And when it is noticed, maybe there is no time at hand.

It sounds bad, but it’s true.


But how to keep the radiance of your face?

No, this is not a beauty tip. I will name a few foods that will save you a lot of trouble.

Can’t believe it? But you will be forced to believe after knowing the name and quality.

We are all very busy with work. Within this, we must take care of ourselves.

The reality is really big and hard. But we nonetheless ought to preserve trying.

So let’s find out what fruits will help us retain our youth even after 40 years!

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(1) Blueberries …..

We have to go out to work. Sun and pollution are constantly harming us.

Excessive sun and pollution are constantly damaging our skin cells.

At the identical time, there may be paintings pressure.

As a result of work pressure, free radicals are constantly being produced in our bodies.

Its effects range from wrinkles to skin aging effects.

Blueberries are a beneficial fruit that provides antioxidants to our bodies.

Blueberries repair the damage caused by sun and stress. In addition, it adds vitamin C to our body.

Vitamin C keeps wrinkles away from our skin. This fruit is not readily available everywhere. But you can easily get blueberry juice.

(2) Pomegranate…

Experts say that there is a substance called collagen in the skin

There are things that keep our skin tight.

The effect is to reflect the youthfulness of our skin. Free radicals destroy this collagen.

This causes wrinkles and fine lines on our skin and some other problems. Not only that, pomegranate helps protect and stabilize this collagen.

(3) Mushrooms…

Only skin, age forty years in the body more various problems occur. For example, bone problems are caught earlier.

These include neck pain, elbow pain, knee pain, back pain, spinal pain, etc.

Such various problems are caused by a lack of calcium. Even water comes to the knees and water comes to the soles of the feet.

Why do these problems occur when you are 40 years old? Expert doctors say that such problems occur when calcium deficiency is excessive.

Mushrooms are rich in vitamin D. Without vitamin D our body’s bones cannot absorb calcium.

There are many foods from which you can get vitamin D. Mushrooms are one of them.

So you can eat mushrooms to overcome the calcium deficiency.

(4) Almonds …..

Not only calcium but also protein, fiber, and micronutrients are deficient in our bodies.

With this, the amount of cholesterol keeps increasing. Which once became the cause of our heart problems.

If we want to keep the heart safe, we have to reduce the level of cholesterol in our bodies.

Walnuts, nuts, and almonds replenish good cholesterol by removing bad cholesterol from our bodies.

(5) Pineapple…

Amino acids are needed to make collagen in the skin. Experts say that after 40, the levels of this amino acid in the body begin to decrease.

This may not produce enough collagen. Pineapple contains manganese-like metals that help the body make collagen.

So at the time when pineapple is available every year, we should feed enough pineapple to ourselves and the whole family.

So I will say that we do not have to remove pineapple from the diet list.

We’ve been busy since we were born. The mentality of one’s own family depends on the condition of our country and country.

However, I would like to say here that it is important for us to take care of ourselves to stay healthy.

Suppose you bought a tree and planted it in your backyard. You forgot about it after planting it in the backyard.

So what will be the condition of your plant at some point?

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I hope you Got a Primary Idea About How to keep yourself fresh after 40 years?

Synopsis and Summary:

Maybe you can easily understand what could happen. Gradually your seedlings will continue to wither. Will lose elegance. The tree will die at some point.

Some discussion of how we can stay fresh even after 40 years has been discussed above.

There are many other things that we absolutely need to know. We will know that gradually.

I always try and do my best to bring you good quality updates.

Now I will tell you something. And that is – we need to take good care of ourselves to stay well. You have to do that yourself.

If you want to look fresh after 40 or to prevent age spots from spoiling your youth, you need to be careful about your body.

Life comes only once. That life will not come back to you again and again.

Those who are now 20 or 25 years old think that old age will never come into our life.

Ironically, I used to think the same thing myself. But when I crossed 30 years of age.

Then I started to feel that I was getting older.

Life is busy. That is the eternal truth of life. Likewise, once true life departs from you, it will never return.

Don’t get back those colorful days lost from your life. That childhood will never come again in life. And you can’t ask for your mother.

Colorful days will depart from you.

Life is a cruel thing. Life forgives no one. Life will catch up with you for the damage you are doing to yourself today on the pretext of being busy.

Think about it or look at the old people around you, what do you see?

Imagine they were your age one day. They have passed their youth and are now living their old age.


This day will surely come for you too. None of us can change or alter that.

Then you can ask me, what do you mean here?

Actually, I am not saying that you will not be old. But if it is healthy as long as it lives, then there is no problem. No one can keep youth forever.


He will break all ties and leave. But my request is to let us try to live healthily.


Our body can be compared to a sapling. Such a plant can die due to lack of care !!

In the same way, the skin of our body gets worse due to lack of care.

Our blood-flesh body. Our bodies are not made by any robot or mechanical means. We have to eat food.

Clothes are to be worn. Is to sleep. Our physical needs are aroused.

Our body works very hard to do so many things. Besides, we have to go out and work. Many hostile environments are beyond us.

As long as you live we have no choice but to do these things !!!

All we need is the mental strength to stay fresh and healthy. This energy can keep us healthy. Besides, we need to take nutritious food.

Not only after 40 we will meet you with all the information so that we can all live well. I hope everyone will support me.

If you want to stay fresh, your own will is the greatest power. We will discuss more how we can stay fresh even after 40 years.

You will always try to keep your mind fresh. If you try to keep your mind fresh, you will be healthier.


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