March 20, 2023
How to prevent the corona virus

How to prevent the corona virus

Corona virus is not a disease. In fact, it is a virus. Many powerful viruses have appeared in the world.

But the strain of this virus is a little different.

It’s movement is more powerful than any other virus.

Almost all the countries of the world are currently in panic.

Scientists from all over the world are working day and night to overcome this terrible situation.

But no one knows when it will end.

So, the world has stopped?

Everybody wants to know How to prevent the corona virus?

Here i will presented some Ideas for How to prevent the corona virus?

No, the world may not have stopped, but human life has been severely hampered.

The corona virus has stopped the whole world. Hundreds of thousands of people have

already succumbed to the virus. Many have lost their relatives.

Now talking, how can I prevent the corona virus!

Everything has a beginning as well as an end. Maybe one day Kovid-19 will leave the world.

Every 100 years a storm like this comes and destroys everything.

Just using a mask is not enough to prevent corona virus. Masks are currently making waves around the world.

It is not possible to work outside after the clothes you have to deal with this virus. So what happens after the mask?

The advantage of wearing a mask is that a person infected with the corona virus will not be able

to spread the virus to other places. At the same time, healthy people will survive being infected. So everyone is told to use a mask.

There are more issues here, you put on a mask and thought I had no fear of getting infected with the virus.

You are going out safely and working! It is foolish to think so.

What can I do in this situation?

Vitamin-D is the main weapon against corona virus. Many people do not know this information.

Or, heard or no one said.

However, if you have enough vitamin-D in your body, know that the corona virus can do nothing for you.

Were you surprised to hear me?

Yes, it is 100% true and proven.

Those who have more immunity have less disease in their body.

Vitamin-D is that energy. Every time new diseases come and teach us a lot.

We will discuss vitamins later.

Now let’s see how we can build resistance externally.

First, you must use a mask.

  •  When you go out, take hand sanitizer in your pocket or bag.
  • Wash your hands after at least 30 minutes.
  • Avoid touching eyes and face.
  • No need to shake hands or hug anyone right now.
  • Do not move around like park-cinema hall, auditorium etc.
  • Return your shoes and clothes to a safe place outside.
  • If possible, wash with soap.
  • Bathe yourself with soap.
  • Do not go back to your children from outside. You can go to everyone after bathing.
  • Return home after raw marketing and keep the curry in a separate place.
  • Eat well boiled vegetables and eggs.
  • Avoid cold foods as much as ‍soon as possible.
  • Do not use anyone’s cup or glass to eat outside.
  • Disinfect your wallet and mobile back home.

What else can we do?

This way you will try to protect yourself at your convenience.

Pay more attention to the children in the family.

In fact, no vaccine has yet been discovered.

There is no guarantee when the vaccine will be discovered.

The whole world is speechless to this corona virus.

There is a limit to human patience. But don’t break all the barriers of patience of man.

Many efforts are being made to save lives. But under no circumstances is it possible to find a way to escape.

We are walking with the corona virus. Wearing only mask and using sanitizer. Are you completely safe?

I think we are not safe at all.

Use masks on behalf of the government. But no one is talking about what foods are able to make antibodies in our body.

In fact, everyone’s main goal is to do business.

It is human work to play with life.

People put people in danger.

The corona virus has spread due to the consumption of banned animals and birds.

But people eat these foods. All those animals and birds but did not say come people eat us you.

We humans are so bad that the forbidden animals do not escape from our hands.

Anyway, that’s what happened. Our main task now is to make sure that measures are taken to overcome this danger.

Externally we are doing a lot. But what are we doing to protect our inner part?

The first thing we need to deal with this corona virus is vitamins. Especially Vitamin-D is most useful for us now.

Studies have shown that vitamin-D is able to fight the corona virus.

So our body does not need another vitamin? Yes, of course.

We can make up for the deficiency of vitamins in our body through various foods.

Corona is the name of a terror that cannot be stopped. But we can try to stay healthy by following a few simple rules.

Are you infected with the Corona virus?

What do you do if you realize that you have coronary heart disease? Don’t despair.

Don’t lose confidence in yourself. I was infected with the corona virus. I am sharing my revel in with you.

When I was infected, I first realized that I could not smell anything.

Start a Healthy Breakfast In start a Day.

Feeling a slight pain in the head. Then it was not left to understand that I was affected by Corona.

I have no nose odor, no taste in food, lots of headaches and some have diarrhea. I don’t have diarrhea though.

A veil falls from the tip of the nose to the tongue to the throat.

Feeling very uncomfortable all over the body.

What is our daily work in the present situation?

I am sharing with you exactly what I did at that time.

I always clear my throat when I wake up in the morning and brush my teeth.

If the throat is clear, more than half of the germs cannot enter our body.

95% of people do not know or notice that it is important to clear the throat when brushing.

I always do it and even when I was attacked.

We eat all day, talk and various dirt enters our throats. Most of the dirt gets stuck in our throats.

So it is very important to clear the throat at least in the morning.

Then I gargled the guava leaves, ginger and salt in warm water. It feels very comfortable in the throat.

Then I made tea and drank it 5-6 times a day.

I used to drink more lemon and ginger with tea.

Because, ginger will keep my throat clean and lemon will provide me vitamin-C. I chewed the juice of the leaves and ate it.

So I pulled it off and in 5 days I saw that everything was fine. I can smell my nose like before and the taste is back in the food.

I did not go to any doctor.

Especially if you do not have heart problems. Asthma is not a problem but there is no fear.

Those who have these problems should consult Dr. Because at any time his breathing difficulties may start.

At that time the patient must be given oxygen.

Thank God I have no such problem.

You can try my technique without getting frustrated as soon as you get infected. Hope you succeed.

Corona is not something that is so deadly, but it is a big threat to heart patients and asthma patients.

How many people seem to have died in the corona virus attack?

According to current World Health Organization estimates, 582 million+ cases and 6.41 million+ deaths are estimated worldwide. 

It is actually calculated according to official accounts. But there is no telling how many are outside the official report.

As a result of this epidemic, the damage caused to the whole world is another 50 years of deficit.

Overcoming that deficit will turn the world around again, which is like a nightmare for the present.

Daily Food and Drinks:

Always eat vitamin-C foods. Eat more fruits.

Drink warm water as a minimum two times a day.

When you see that the problem is too much, take water in a pot and mix lemon, ginger, garlic, mustard oil, cardamom in it and heat the water.

When the boiling water is hot, lower the pot and cover the head with a thin cloth Cover and inhale loudly.

This have to be completed as a minimum 3-four instances a day. It will feel very good.

The corona virus first attacks your throat. After staying in the throat for 3-4 days, it goes to the lungs.

So, if we can kill that virus from the throat, there will be no more fear.

Never disappoint yourself for the present. If someone in the family shows signs of corona, do not separate him from the family.

At first, this happened in many places.

It is very sad.

How can we get rid of our loved ones because of a little virus! Everyone will die.

There is no way to get rid of death and there will never be another day.

So do not push your loved ones away for fear of death.

How can we prevent corona virus and recover from corona virus infection?

We will always look for this answer and try to be good to everyone.

We all know that the present time is going to be very bad for us.

God willing, we will soon be better off.

Maybe it will take some time.

Due to this coronavirus, the current economic situation in the world is getting very bad. It may take a while for this bad situation to improve next time.

In fact, there is nothing to do.

Natural calamities cannot be saved by wishing. So everyone has to work together.

All the rich and poor countries of the world are trying to invent medicine. Hopefully within a few months we will get a good result.

I have shared my own real experience with you here. What I did after being infected with corona virus, I hope you will apply it too.

I hope you are got some Ideas How to prevent the corona virus? 

Next I will Arranged some Diffrent Matter.

All the best. Everyone will pray for everyone.

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