March 19, 2023
How to lose weight

How to reduce fat without reducing food

How to reduce fat without reducing food?

Surprised to read the title?

No, there is nothing to be surprised about.

It is possible to reduce fat without actually eating.

The food we all eat. We know we have to eat to survive.

But do we know how much food we need to survive?

What are we eating?

We don’t know much! We do many things in life without knowing it.

Nothing in the world came just like that. The reason behind everything is involved.

Everything has an explanation.

But we humans do not know the explanation of all things.

But there are many issues whose solutions are within our reach.

Just want to know.

We make no difference when it comes to food.

As a result, our body becomes heavy.

It becomes very difficult to carry this heavy ‘‘body weight’’ when the age is over 40.

When we stand at the door of life, there is nothing to do.

So I’m not forbidding you to eat. Why do we work so hard?

If we didn’t have a stomach, there would be no need to work just to relax.

What does a person do when he is overweight?

Surely he will follow a strict diet chart and go to the gym.

You didn’t eat twice a day and then ate whatever you got in front of you out of hunger.

This will increase rather than lose weight.

So eat but eat healthy food.

Water: Drink plenty of water. The benefits of water are worth mentioning.

Drink 2 glasses of water on an empty stomach in the morning.

Eat breakfast at least 1 hour later.

Drink water by measuring the glass to understand how much water you are drinking.

We should drink a minimum of 8-9 glasses of water a day.

Another name for pure water is life.

Especially start the morning with green tea.

Green tea boosts metabolism in the body and helps in weight loss.

Drink green tea daily:

Green tea should be consumed daily. Drink sugar-free tea after regular morning exercise.

Green tea helps flush out toxins from your body. Green tea is not liked by many people.

You will find different flavors, that can be experienced by drinking green tea.

Green tea has been in great demand for centuries.

Do some light exercise in the morning. Then have breakfast in the morning.

Try to have foods rich in vitamins and proteins for breakfast.

You can make sandwiches with cucumbers and tomatoes or eat eggs.

Sometimes eat 1 clove of garlic on an empty stomach in the morning.

Garlic smells so there is no need to chew. Swallow like medicine with water.

If you ever eat too much at a party, eat very light food the next day.

If you eat too much meat, eat 1 clove of garlic in the middle of the meal.

This way the extra fat in the food will not harm you.

Work hard on the body Exercise the body means working hard. If you work in the office!

If you have to sit all day, exercise at least in the morning or walk for at least 2 hours in the afternoon.

The more comfort you give to the body, the more comfort it will want.

And quite comfortably you will become a factory of disease.


Be careful about drinking:

Why did I talk about drinking water in the first place?

Because water keeps us well by removing bad toxins from our bodies.

Contaminants in our body

Protects from The role of water in weight control comes first.

I have no desire to feed anyone.

There are many famous doctors or nutritionists who don’t eat before you go.

But for how long? All my life? Or a little something?

They may not even have this answer.

You eat but you don’t have to diet without eating at all.

Everything has a limit. There are also food limits that we are reluctant to accept.

But if you don’t, there is an extreme risk in life.

Cabbage Curries and Dishes:

It goes without saying how beneficial it is.

We should include ‘‘cabbage curry’’ in our daily food list.

Better if you can have it with your daily salad.

This inhibitor is capable of forming anti-cancer cells.

We should include cabbage curry in our daily food list. Better if you can have it with your daily salad.

Many people find the smell of coffee to be off-putting. Practice them slowly.

While cooking the noodles, lightly boil them and use the cabbage.

Summary: This inhibitor is able to reduce the number

of pollutants that our body can release from other foods.

It is an anti-cancer drug.

Another beneficial friend is the carrot:

Carrots are an ideal superfood. This vegetable is very helpful in meeting your

food needs and filling the calorie deficit in the body.

Carrots can be eaten cooked and always try to keep them in salad items.

Carrot contains mineral water content, calories, and vitamins.

Which works in the bone formation of your body.

Strengthens and enlarges the bone marrow.

Summary: This carrot fights the primary cancer cells in your body.

Moreover, it helps to prevent harmful bacteria from your stomach.



Breakfast: What does one want to eat for breakfast? No, eating a heavy meal in the morning will not be a problem.

Because after morning you will work and go out. The body will work normally.

But you can make a sandwich with cucumber and eggs at home without eating heavy meals.

You can also eat 1 carrot raw. Drink 1 cup of green tea with it.

There is no point in having a full stomach whenever you eat food.

The habit of eating on a full stomach should be given up slowly.

The condition of our stomach is not always good. So sometimes food is not digested properly.

So you should give up the habit of eating on a full stomach.


Eat meat at noon. But you have to eat less.

Especially goat meat should be avoided. It would be good to eat chicken. But the amount is small.

Fill the stomach with 40-45% food, drink 30-35% water and leave the rest empty.

You will never have gastric or other stomach problems.

Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness.

Everything has to be eaten but in quantity.

In words, people do not die without eating but die by overeating.

So we have to go against our own minds and control the food.

Afternoon: We ate less at noon. But, in the afternoon I got hungry. What can be done now?

No problem! Eat a vegetable sandwich. Drink black tea with a little sugar.

No problem. Take a short walk in the afternoon. Make the body work harder.

Walk out of the body sweat. Then take a bath back home.

You can create your own food list. Not got to attend a doctor for this.

Forget the chaotic life and run life according to the rules. You will see that both your body and mind will be good.

Dinner: Eat dinner at least 9.00 pm. Eat less at night. Can eat vegetables and fish.

It is better to cook with coconut oil. Coconut oil plays a special role in controlling body weight.

Make a salad with cucumber, tomato, green pepper, and carrot.

Walk at medium speed for at least 15 minutes after dinner. Drink 1 glass of water before getting to bed in the dark.

I eat more when I go to a party. But then eat very light food the next day.

Eat 1 green chili with each meal.

Eat less extra oily foods:

Try to reduce the intake of foods that are high in oil. These oily foods can be your silent killer.

Eating whatever you like is fine, but try to avoid oily foods as much as possible.

Otherwise, we have no choice.

Whenever fat starts accumulating under the skin of your body, it can be life-threatening for you.

Focus on fruits and salads. Then you don’t need to reduce your food demand but it is like your good friend.

If you follow the rules I have presented here, you will be healthy.

But after a while, you will not obey, and then if you say the opposite, I will not obey.

There are rules for everything that we have to obey even if we don’t want to.

There are many rules and regulations of the government

which we have to accept even if we do not want to.

And the point here is to stay healthy throughout your life.

And if you don’t follow that rule, it can’t happen. So follow the rules of life.

I hope you can stay healthy all your life.

I share with you the rules that I follow.

Stay well – stay healthy.



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