March 18, 2023
How to remove facial scars even after the mask?

How to remove facial scars even after the mask?

Stains on the face after the mask?

Time is not always the same. Everything has changed. That is how life changes.

The time we are currently going through is actually a very scary time.

It is known that every 100 years, new diseases appear with such epidemics.

It took another 50 years for the people of the world to cope with that shock.

This has been happening for ages.

The current coronavirus appeared in 2020. We claim the world has come a long way.

The world is full of modern technology.

But the coronavirus is telling us that you haven’t been able to go very far in the world.

However, we have to deal with the present time.

We must do what we will to save lots of lives.

Similarly, wearing a mask is mandatory at present. We are all currently using masks.

The use of masks is leaving scars on our faces.

Many people want to know through the internet that, How to remove facial scars even after the mask?

After seeing many questions, I came up with some small tips today. If you apply it, you will not have to wear a face mask.

You do not need to spend extra on this. And you don’t even have to go to the parlor.

At present we must use masks. What to do if using a mask damages your face?

This is my discussion today on that subject. If we get rid of unbearable scars on the face, that is a lot for us.

How to remove facial scars even after the mask?

Clean the face:

It is normal to have a little scar on the face of the mask that is worn for a long time.

In that case, it is very important to keep the face clean. If there is excess oil on the face, the mask is pressed against the face.

If the face is oily, the mask stains will be more. So keep your face clean.

You can use a mild cleanser that looks good. Make sure it is able to pick up the oil from the mouth.

After cleansing with a cleanser, wash your face with lukewarm water. Do not rub your face unnecessarily.

You will see that there will be very few spots on the face.

Naturally, the Method of How to remove facial scars even after the mask?

Use a good moisturizer:

A good-quality moisturizer should be used after cleansing the face.

I am not advertising any product here. You can use moisturizer as per your choice.

It keeps the skin hydrated with use. Hydrated skin stays soft. Can’t sit on a mask on soft skin.

If the mask is not pressed on the face, the face will not be scarred.

And of course, keep in mind that moisturizers are not too oily.

Don’t do too much makeup for now:

The reason I forbid you to do make-up is that if you do too much make-up, it will take the opposite form.

Makeup absorbs the oil from your face that’s right. But because of wearing a mask, the outside air cannot enter the face.

And if the air can’t get in, the make-up on the face will be worse.

If you apply makeup on the face, the mask will be pressed on the skin.

In the rainy season, the face will sweat more.

So it is better not to put too much makeup on the face because of this coronavirus.

However, if you need too much, you can do a light touchup.

Use a clean mask:

Ears are needed to wear the mask on the face. We have grooves next to our ears.

Dirt can easily accumulate in that groove. We clean the side of the ear during regular bathing.

But do we clean the mask regularly?

If you do not use a clean mask, dirt will accumulate on the face and ears.

And from there will be created terrible scars on the face.

One more thing to say!

Currently, everyone uses surgical masks due to the Corona epidemic.

This mask is ready to use once. But because of the current crisis, many of us are using the wash.

It is done but very harmful.

Use the surgical mask once as much as possible.

If the mask has to be used repeatedly due to the crisis, it can be reused

after cleaning and drying it thoroughly with soap and antiseptic.

But do not wash and use repeatedly.

Repeated use of this mask can cause terrible scars on your face.

Take a look at what the mask strip is made of:

We are using cheap masks at the time of the current coronavirus.

But this cheap mask can be the cause of your danger!

Cheap mask ribbons are usually made of elastic. This is of a very tight nature.

This puts a lot of pressure on the sides of your ears and face.

The effect of this pressure can be scarring on the face and scars on the sides of the ears.

Gradually it can be seen that this stain has become permanent.

N-95 and some more good expensive masks are now available on the market.

These masks are good not only for your face but also for your health.

The strip of this mask is made of very light things.

Using this you will not feel any pressure on the side of your ears or face. And there will be no fear of stains.

Do not put medicine under the mask:

You may have bruises on your face. Or maybe you are using medicine because it has been cut.

But do not put medicine under the mask. Suppose you put medicine on your face and put on a mask.

You have to stay out all day for work.

And you’ve got to wear a mask all day. But you know what! Drugs cause harm to you! Surprised?

Because, after applying for the medicine, wearing a mask, air cannot enter your face. In this way, the medicine applied in the mouth is losing moisture.

This will cause red spots to appear on the face as soon as the spots appear.

So do not use any medicine on the face before wearing the mask.

A simple home remedy can remove blemishes on the face:

With this method, you can remove the scars caused by the current time mask.

However, do not use too much. Because I always say – it’s better not to say too much than to say too much good.

Because it could be the cause of your danger.

What materials are needed? No, it doesn’t cost too much or too much.

(1) 4 tablespoons potato juice

(2) Honey

Many people may know that potato helps a lot in removing stains.

Measure 4 teaspoons of potato juice and take exactly 4 teaspoons.

Mix 2 teaspoons of honey in it.

Then leave it on the spot for 15 minutes.

Then rinse with cold water.

You will see that the stain will become much lighter after using it for the first 2-3 times.

Then you wear the mask with joy in mind. And your smile will not be able to read the spots on your face easily.

I think you can easily find out How to remove facial scars even after the mask?

You must know this


We have learned in this situation that many kinds of dangers came upon the world during the past epidemics.

But it took us many years to overcome that.

Just like if a war starts in a country, the situation in that country

becomes abnormal, this coronavirus will destroy us little by little.

Whatever we call this danger or disaster, it is a threat to our present world.

Where modern science has failed is a tiny virus invisible to the naked eye.

I don’t know, how much more terrible the next day can be in front of us.

Think about today’s world, how modern and transparent everything is.

Even then this little virus destroyed the whole world.

This corona has made us understand that nature is not easy to deal with.

Nature can wipe out our human race in an instant if it wants.

Even if modern science does not want to accept it, the truth will never become a lie.

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