March 20, 2023
What direction is the world moving after Corona?

What direction is the world moving after Corona?

What direction is the world moving in after Corona?

What is the current situation in our world?

Are you worried about the future?

Or do you think that what is now will be the same in the future?

Today may be good for you but tomorrow may not be so good for you.

What preparations do you have for that time?

Or do you have no idea about the coming days?

The things that the famous countries of the world are

supposed to think about are creating a more unstable

situation by disputing. So who do you tell your mind to?

Today even the creator has given up the duty to save this world.

So what will be our situation in the future!!!

Financial situation:

All over the world, the financial situation is almost at zero now.

There is a lot of difference between the world of just 5 years ago and the world of today.

Many large industries have almost closed down.

Almost all medium industries are closed or on the verge of closing.

The World Bank is suffering from its reserve crisis.

About 60 percent of people in the world have lost their jobs.

The poverty rate has fallen to near the bottom.

The developed countries of the world are now losing their balance.

Asia’s position there is even worse.

Some self-seeking rulers in Asia are covering up the matter

and are leading the country to more threats.

All in all, there is an unstable situation in the whole world.

Education Situation:

Due to the current global corona epidemic, the education system has almost collapsed.

Our educational situation is now down to about 65%. Today, for almost 4 years, the corona

epidemic continues its rampage. The new entrants to the school now fell

back almost 3 years.

It is not possible for them to overcome that loss.

The impact of that loss will be felt by the baby boomers when they graduate

and find that they are no longer at the right age to work.

University students could not give their exams on time.

They could not complete their work or living arrangements.

Students in school or college today are most apathetic about their studies.

As there is no road near them now, most of the students have come down to work.

They are working and running a family where books are supposed to be in their hands.

The scourge of poverty has ruined their lives.

Children abandon their books and suffer from mobile addiction.

Parents are failing to control them.

Social Decay Begins:

Does everybody need to know What direction is the world moving in after Corona?

No sense of humanity works among the people of today’s society.

There is no government system for them.

Theft, robbery, and corruption in society have increased at an excessive rate.

Society and the state are now passing through extreme adversity.

Many workers have been fired.

As there is no way to run their family, their tendency to

engage in anti-social activities has increased at an

excessive rate. When there is no work among people, they are

forced to choose evil ways to earn a living.

It affects society and the common people living in society.

If you observe a little, you will see that there is no more

humanity among people. If we have to say that there is 5% can be considered.

So where is the world today?

The society we live in was not like that just 5-7 years ago.

This corona epidemic has made us cruel. Love is rare in the world now.

You prefer to keep yourself busy with work rather than love.

Because you have to contribute to the household expenses.

The country’s governments have become worse.

They exist only in the hope of making a profit.

Today everything is supposed to be normal after the corona epidemic.

The main statement of the head of government is that everyone should work.

But they are busy making profits by overcharging the public.

Business Owners Association is bad. They are also creating

an artificial crisis in the market in the hope of profiting at the same rate. So where is humanity today?

What is the situation of students now?

The current scenario is very scary for students. What is the reason?

In fact, it can be said that their reluctance towards education is the reason.

This reluctance has been created due to the prolonged lockdown.

During this lockdown, every student was sitting at home.

Their interest in studies has decreased by about 85% percent.

Children who studied in class 2 or 3 will study at home.

Their interest has shifted to TV and mobile.

Parents hand over mobiles to keep children at home.

They are busy looking at mobile phones.

Fear of corona when going out.

Meanwhile, parents are in great danger. Now come the high school students.

They have stopped their studies and are completely occupied with mobile phones.

They have nothing else to do but play games. Which game can end their life?

They don’t know any kind of online-based job. This trend is highest in Bangladesh.

All children in this country are very good at playing games.

Which will not be of any use in their future life. But they still play the game.

If they had spent time learning online work, it would have given them future jobs.

But they don’t do that at all. If those students are told to open a Gmail account and

add their signature to it, I believe 95% of the students will not be able to do it.

Then from where they will learn any other work.

Currently, there are many options to work online.

Many people are earning lakhs of rupees by working at home.

But its number is very less. The children of this country will cry when the time is up.

And because of this mobile trend, this Bangladesh will not be able to move forward even in the next 50 years.

The governance system of this country cannot actually manage the

citizens of this country well. This country will watch when the applied

revolution takes place in the developed countries of the world.

This country has failed to create skilled manpower. So you should make use of the time when you have time.

Normal situation:

The thing to know is what we should do after the corona epidemic.

Currently, no country has a normal situation.

Affect in the World

The whole world is going through a tough time right now only because of the stupidity of some stupid countries.

Their thoughts and consciousness are so hideous that humans cannot compare with them.

They have become worse than beasts.

There is no way we can solve the current situation of our world as much as possible.

The famous scientists of the world are also surrendering to nature today.

But people of that nature have become worse.

We humans have no mercy towards humans.

But today humans do not have the slightest sympathy that exists in the animals of the forest.

If that were the case, then no country can fight a war to test its

strength today after the Corona pandemic. Today we ourselves are responsible for the stagnation of the planet.

What is our current situation due to war?

The world still has a glimpse of Corona19. Due to this corona epidemic, our overall situation is bad.

Nothing comes easy anymore. Everyone is making an attempt to do their process as the quality they can.

There is a food crisis in the country.

Lack of money and job loss people have come down the road.

Famous companies are on the way to closure.

In the midst of this, the drumbeat of country-based war is playing.

Now is no time to test strength.

Now is the time for humanity and mentality. That humanity is rare today.

The country is going to suffer from famine due to the food plate being empty and the war.

Ukraine meets about 60% of the world’s total food demand.

That country is under the grip of war and their exports are completely banned.

Fuel oil and other goods came from Russia. Only 10% of that now comes from Russia.

What is the use of this war? Is there any benefit to us as a result?

No, war can never do any good. It’s just a game of destruction.

So I urge you to stop this game.

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