March 18, 2023
What is the current situation of corona virus

What is the current situation of corona virus

The people of the world thought that the corona epidemic

might go away with the passing of 2022.

The years of being together will say goodbye and the corona virus

will take it with it. But a new news is working in mind.

Maybe the world will dress up again to exchange thoughts with everyone.

Now it seems that another storm will come and change everything.

Everyone needs to be careful.

Another strong case of Covid-19 is coming:

Last December 13, it was learned from a news media that a strong

strain of corona virus is going to come to the world.

Its violence has spread to several countries including China and America.

Evidence of the existence of covid-19 has already been found.

It is several times stronger than the forms of Covid-19 that have come to the world so far.

There is no escape from it. So what is the way to save the world?

Everyone wants to know What is the current situation of corona virus?

This type of corona is stronger than the vaccine:

Experts have tested and found that this model will outperform all previous ones.

It is several times more powerful than any vaccine discovered to date.

It has also been shown to exert its

potency by making vaccination ineffective.

It is a prototype of the BA.5, a descendant of the Omicron variant.

For now, this variant has been identified as BQ 1.1.

Even if there is a rationale for vaccination, experts believe that its formula can make all the difference.

Even those who have benefited from vaccination to date are now in

danger of succumbing to this form of vaccination. So what’s the way?

A state government in India said that this corona epidemic

will never leave the world. In the meantime, we have to survive by fighting.

His words seem to be proven.

I hope you understand the current situation of the corona virus!

What has been found as a result of expert research?

Since the start of the corona virus, scientists have not sat down.

They are working tirelessly to find out how to get rid of it.

Researchers at the University of Texas tested Omicron’s new Pfizer and Moderna by Valeant

Omicron with effective vaccines against the original coronavirus.

The researchers found four percent fewer antibodies against the new BQ1.1 subtype.

That means this new strain of Omicron is four times stronger than the original Omicron virus.

People in the US are thought to have developed high levels of Covid-19

antibodies as a result of repeated Covid-19 infections.

In addition, US citizens have received several rounds of vaccination.

But in the experiments of the researchers of the University of Texas, antibodies

were produced in a very low level in the vaccine of Pfizer and Moderna.

Moderna and Pfizer officials are very enthusiastic about their upgraded vaccines.

Officials from the two companies announced that their new vaccine,

Omicron of the Future, will develop high levels of immunity against all types of saccharin.

More than 54,000 people are diagnosed with covid-19 in the US every day.

In the last three weeks, the rate of covid-19 detection has increased by 28 percent.

Britain’s Daily Mail reported that the number of new Covid-19 patients in US hospitals

has increased by 29 percent in the past two weeks. But the good news is

that even though the number of patients has increased, the death rate has come down.

What will be the most damaging effect of this type?

If this new pattern spreads to the rest of the countries like before, then the

whole world is going to live a new horrible life.

Our daily activities have become so heinous that the world will no longer forgive us.

This pattern is now hitting our brains directly.

Due to which people are not able to stay healthy.

Experts believe that everyone will become mentally disabled.

It is directly hitting our brain and tearing the brain tissue.

As a result of which those who are affected are having brain stroke.

Some are dying immediately. The news media could not publish this news due to government restrictions.

What is the global situation now?

This epidemic cannot really teach us any lesson.

Think for a moment that rich countries today are in a lot of reserve crisis.

Not to mention small countries. Many companies have closed down. Many fresh lives have stopped.

However, we are not there. In this opportunity of corona virus, the Dishonest Businessmen

are increasing the price of the product at will.

Common people today are desperate to meet the expenses of the family.

The government wants to hold on to its mountain of wealth.

This is observed more in Asian countries today.

Bangladesh has a reputation for adulterating most of the food.

Traders in this country use No. 1 vegetarian chemicals in food.

By eating which the average life expectancy of people in this country has

decreased by 10%. Still, no one is paying attention here.

Despite extreme odds, Russia continues to fight.

They are very eager to prove that their power is greater than other countries.

No country has any respect for any other country.

Small daily necessities where there should be less,

everything is priced out of reach. How much more like this?

The Corona epidemic refuses to forgive us in any way.

On the other hand we humans are reluctant to forgive people.

The world cannot continue like this.


What are the effects of war?

In this critical period of the whole world another disturbance prevails, creating the effects of war.

Everyone is busy testing who is stronger.

But those who are supposed to care about

people have now become demons.

The head of state of any country does not have the mindset to think about the country.

They don’t understand why China doesn’t understand that war is not just about harming a country.

Several other countries are involved with it.

All doors of trade are closed when a war breaks out between countries.

The economy not only collapses in that country but also has a

detrimental effect on several other countries as well.

Just as an atomic bomb devastates everything around it, war does not set a single

boundary and piles up its destruction. Rather, everything gradually meshes.

Asia’s Extreme Reserve Crisis:

Especially Asian countries are suffering from extreme reserve crisis.

In the next 2-3 months, a more extreme situation will be the reserve crisis.

At this stage, the state heads of the country are playing an indifferent role.

Because, its effect will be completely on common people.

It will not have a terrible impact on the Head of State.

So they are not thinking about the country and the people of the country.

And Ukraine is playing a 65% role in food exports.

Today, due to the war there, their reputation level has dropped below 3%.

Then the food situation of the whole world is also fragile today.

Among all these things, Asia is the most vulnerable.

In Asia, fuel oil prices increased by around 40%-45%.

Farmers are not getting the fertilizer used for farming.

Basically dishonest businessmen are more responsible behind all these.

In spite of everything, we want the whole world to be good.

The saddest thing is that with everything today, the world has fallen almost 100 years behind.

It is not visible to the eyes that the virus has affected the whole world today.

Getting out of this predicament may not be possible even in 100 years.

Everyone needs compassion for everyone.

There should be a sense of patriotism towards the country.

Everyone is busy filling their own pockets.

So how will this world overcome its crisis and see the light?

Those who love at least once in their life today think that this world is a place of permanent residence.

The amount of wealth you keep filling your chest will not do you any good.

You have to leave this world alone.

Let’s think about the people of the whole world including the country.

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