March 18, 2023
What is the role of mobile in bringing world growth?

What is the role of mobile in bringing world growth?

What is the role of mobile in bringing world growth?

Do you use a mobile phone? However, asking such a

question at this time is nothing but stupid.

Even then, I felt such a question should be asked, so I did so.

If we look back in a little 20 years from now, we will see

what a blessing this mobile phone has become for us.

Earlier there were wired telephones for talking, which stayed in one place!

One had to sit and talk where there was the need to talk.

Now we can talk on the fly.

It has become possible due to the massive benefits of information technology.

This welfare is not a one-day gain.

We got this mobile because of many years of hard work and talent.

We should also make adequate use of it.

Ideas and Opinions of Progressive Thinkers:

The mobile phone has been identified as a breakthrough invention at Columbia University.

What has been able to present a changing world to the present world is the mobile.

Income and expenditure accounts are used for market regulation monitoring.

Moreover, this mobile is helping to increase supply and control and monitor their supply.

Their income increased at the rate of 4-6%. And a 4% price reduction to get the product to the consumer.

Playing a role in monitoring farmers and agriculture development and markets.

Mobile phones have made it easier for fishermen to determine

the quality and price of market goods or to work out the exact price.

Many ways have been created for the farmers to know the price

of all the crops and to sell the products at the right place.

According to economist Robert Jensen, there may be a two-way

relationship between market goods and farmers. It is person-centered.

What is the role of mobile in bringing world growth?

Business expansion:

Businessmen in earlier times had problems managing their businesses.

For example, Tatkshanath could not connect with anyone.

Even a small distance was a few miles away.

There were various complications regarding the price of the product.

Due to this consumers could not choose the product or buy at the right price.

Now the problem of mobile phones has been reduced by almost 90%.

The problem still remains at 10 percent because the proper implementation of

mobile phones has not yet started in many places. This problem is more in Asian countries.

Ghana is a country where about 65% of the population still lives below the

poverty line and is far from modern society.

Many voluntary organizations are taking various

initiatives to make them more dynamic and keep pace with the times.

I believe that the fear of the next 10 years will bring modern welfare for them.

So the business management or communication

system is improved. Which goes without saying.

Research Advantage:

The importance of mobile phones for research is immense.

Now you can order online and get the product at home.

You can know the quality of the product or where the product is being

sold at what price or what is the current market price of the product.

In earlier times this was not possible at all.

The present world is now at your fingertips. Because if you have a

smartphone in your hand now then the whole world’s information is in your hands.

You can monitor European markets from Asia. You can follow the trend of

the stock market through mobile phones.

To do this you used to have to work day and night to do it in the stock market.

Now you can work from home or lie down. The only claimant of welfare is mobile.


To save time:

Do you wake up late every day?

Are you late for work every day?

Do you hear the anger of the boss in the office?

If you wake up late, you will have trouble throughout the day.

This mobile has made that task easy. On mobile, you can set alarms at different times.

That helps you wake up. You can even set an alarm for your birthday or wedding anniversary.

Will remind you of special moments. This mobile will remind you of everything at the right time in your busy life.

No matter how busy you are or keep the mobile phone busy

the mobile can remind you of everything like your time. You must set it with time.

Mistakes cause problems:

Forgetting to go to the market has become a daily occurrence.

We often go to the market and forget to buy something.

For this reason, we have to listen to abuse from the wife of the house.

If we can make the market list with a notepad before going to market then never forget.

You can also call home to find out if you need anything urgent.

Advantages of mobile phones in education:

The method of learning by sitting in class in front of the teacher using the blackboard is almost extinct now.

It has increased especially during Corona. Because the educational institution was closed.

Back then, mobile phones were the only means of conducting classes.

Your child needs notes. You can also call the school teacher on your mobile phone.

You can get information about new educational methods and books.

Which was not possible earlier. During the outbreak of coronavirus, the exam has also been conducted online.

Your kids can now learn a lot by watching videos at home.

Development of employment:

Nowadays both the quality and speed of online work have increased.

Now many boys and girls are working from home for foreign companies by freelancing.

It increases the country’s GDP.

The quality of this job is very high in Asian countries now.

Here foreign companies get workers at low cost.

Which should be done by the workers there, they have to spend at least 10-15 dollars per hour.

There are Asian workers doing the same work for only 3-5 dollars.

This way they don’t have to keep people at extra cost.

Online workers are able to support themselves and their families by working.

Many entrepreneurs have started their own ventures and are

now providing employment to a large number of people.

Use of mobile phones:

It goes without saying how important mobile phones are to the masses.

Actually now we cannot think of a single day without this mobile phone.

This mobile phone has made our current day-to-day work easier.

Moreover, it made us dynamic. The effect of which we can see even when we look around us.

As I have already said, it is used everywhere, starting from marketing.

If there is a patient in your home and you need an ambulance immediately, you can get all the services by calling.

So it is important to use it properly. Everything has a proper facet and an incorrect facet.

The advent of this technology has benefited us as well as harmed us to some extent.

Our youth society has become the most endangered.

They got mobile at a very young age. They leave sports and lie with mobile phones.

They now play on mobile phones instead of playing on the field.

Some harmful effects of mobile phones:

Mobile phones have several harmful effects. Here are a few effects.

Excessive use of mobile phones irritates our eyes.

Today’s young generation turns off the house lights at night and uses mobile phones.

By doing this, the very harmful rays on the screen directly attack our eyes. As a result, our eyes hurt.

You have to drive the mobile with your neck.

Due to this, our spine and neck bones get pressure. It can gradually turn very bad.

Brain fatigue comes from excessive mobile use.

Give a phone to those who don’t work and say that you use your mobile all day.

By doing this, you will see that he is very tired after the whole day.

Actually, his body is not tired, but his brain is tired. So use mobile in moderation.

I have already said that now boys and girls do not play in the field.

Play games with mobile. It is very early and hopefully, within the next 20 years, the

the number of diabetes patients in the world will increase several times.

Which is not very good news for the World Health Organization.

Another thing to say is that you should not just read the article.

Along with that, both the good and the bad written here should be remembered and tried to be followed.

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