March 18, 2023
What kind of crisis will the world face in 2023

Every year people of the world do not forget to welcome the new year.

All the people of the world wish that the New Year brings happiness to everyone.

Is all goodness achieved all the time?

Nor did the new year bring good fortune to the world

as it did about 100 years ago. Similarly, in this new year of 2023

will not bring any good to us.

This bad luck is not given by God, there are also problems created by people.

What is the current situation?

We are currently going through a difficult period of time.

This time is a problem of our own making. After a pandemic, the world

wants brotherhood and humanity among all.

What kind of crisis will the world face in 2023?

And after this twentieth century, we see that there is no trace

of humanity in the world. There is a diet.

There is also the problem of fuel oil. As a result, prices

of all kinds of things are skyrocketing.

Which is hard for 80% of the world to keep up with.

All are accompanied by the pernicious effects of war.

If there is a war situation in the world after the pandemic, then

that country or the world can no longer survive.

People are increasing day by day. Their all demand for food is also increasing.

Everything has nothing to do with it. Almost all countries

have a great crisis of reserves. As a result of which the price

of everything is now unbridled. Rulings on the one hand for loot and

on the other for global influence. People need to take away some of these things.

And liberation may not come even in the next 50 years.

Famine is created as a result of the war:

Today, in 2023, the heads of governments of all countries

have said in an advance message that next year there will be famine all over the world.

About 60% of the world’s total food demand was exported from Ukraine.

Now it has come to around 0.0%. Then there will be famine.

Such a country is under the grip of war today and it is known

that food shortage is coming like an epidemic in the world.

It is not far. Developed countries are now eager to show their strength.

The whole world is drunk as if the war had started. What is the benefit?

Only the government will benefit. War can never bring progress to any country.

Asian countries are being consumed by the chaos of war.

It is consuming the people of this country starting from the businessmen to the

head of the government. They are busy earning their own money.

They don’t care about people. It is like the age of ignorance in those days.

Countries that depend on imports will now be in an extreme food crisis.

Who will get rid of it and when will it change? Now Need to know about

What kind of crisis will the world face in 2023?

People in the world today will die without eating!

As the world stands today, nearly 60% of the world’s population will die of starvation.

These rich countries will have nothing to do with it.

They will not stop showing their strength.

They will not budge from their situation in any way.

If there is a famine in the world, they will benefit a lot.

Today, even after this global pandemic, they are fighting for that gain.

They have no value in human suffering.

Asian countries will have the most food shortages.

The government of that country is misleading its people and slowly

sucking them out of the mountain of money.

Especially the people of Bangladesh are a bit stupid.

Blind faith is more for them.

The government leaders of that country are taking advantage of that belief.

The world has already started a food frenzy.

Even the government of some countries is thinking as if nothing happened.

Because, no matter how much food is lacking, they have no problem.

They will not go without food. People of that country will not eat.

There is no chance for any country to be careful now.

The epidemic will appear in the air!

Currently, the coronavirus epidemic is going on.

Then comes the epidemic in the air.

No one will survive that epidemic.

What will you do then? Then no medicine will help.

No one will treat anyone. Everyone tried to save like everyone else and failed,

death will swallow them and take them to the land of the unknown.

Oxygen, our survival resource, will be poisoned.

Oxygen, without which life is impossible, will be poison for us. Know how?

Modern weapons are being used wherever wars are fought in the world today.

Nuclear materials are used to make those weapons.

There is no substance more dangerous than nuclear.

That substance is mixing in the air.

We receive that air through oxygen.

That oxygen will thus gradually turn into toxic air.

Oxygen will lose its balance. At the Earth’s surface, its level will decrease and it will turn into toxic oxygen.

In 1986, a large nuclear power plant exploded.

Due to that effect, its influence spread not only there but also in the neighboring states.

Nuclear radiation begins to spread through the air.

Which spreads very quickly? No animal can survive its effects.

A small amount of cow’s milk spreads the disease.

Many people from children to old people have died after drinking that milk.

If it could be so severe 37 years ago, now its impact will be so severe that the entire world will fall under its grip.

But think about it, do developed countries have any thoughts about that situation?

All these countries have no concern about us or the whole world.

So what does the future hold for us???

To Continue What kind of crisis will the world face in 2023?

Will welcome the New Year this year?

This year is going to be a memorable one for your life.

Because you will see the attack of an epidemic virus in your life and you will also see famine.

This is how atomic bombs have fallen all over the world.

One day, everything in the world’s civilization will be destroyed

due to the testing of human strength. Again, the world will go back a thousand years from today.

There will be no modern civilization.

Imagine what would happen if a superpower destroyed a satellite today.

Imagine what would happen if Google destroyed anyone.

Just imagine what would happen if the mobile phone with which we talk and exchange information gets destroyed.

The destruction of all modern civilizations in the world is

inevitable as a result of the illegal use of force.

We have no power to prevent it.

60% of Asian citizens will fall below the poverty line!

The population of Asian countries in particular will fall well below the poverty line.

Many people will lose food, clothing, and shelter.

Right now, the people of the ruling party took money from the bank of Bangladesh.

There is no judgment for them. These banks are going bankrupt.

Only one class of people is making mountains of money by killing people’s money.

Another category of people who belong to middle-class families,

even if they don’t eat, can’t tell anyone. Their situation is going to be more fragile.

Only 10%-15% of people will have a lot of money, and the rest will go into the hands of this class of bloodsucking people.

In this way, a country slowly falls into deep darkness.

The country’s economy collapses. People become helpless.

Then there is famine in the country, the crime rate increases a lot.

There is no way for any common man to escape from these at present.

People in power have made ordinary people speechless.

In 2023 will lose the foundation of human-made civilization!

You can’t even imagine how dire the year 2023 could turn out to be.

The near-destruction of human-made civilization will begin in 2023.

What scientists have discovered so far, they did not discover for themselves.

They were invented for the welfare of human civilization.

Today they are working to destroy human civilization.

Every discovery is the result of thousands of years of pursuit.

The results of those thousand years of sadhana will be destroyed from the earth in a moment.

This destruction will be done by humans.

Everything will be lost and they will write on the stone like the people before and it

will take months to send any news from one place to another.

The next Post Coming more about What kind of crisis will the world face in 2023?

This is how the world will continue.


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