March 21, 2023
Science Fiction

science fiction

How does science emerge in human civilization?

Humans are social creatures. Unique characteristics of human beings.

Everything in this world is so beautiful for people.

But the creation of the world was like this?

The question is slowly born in people’s minds.

Secrets are hidden in this amazing world.

Some Intro. Are Collected of- who is the Founder of Science?

The more we move into this mysterious world, the more new and strange things come to the fore.

We are surprised, shocked, curious, and curious to know more. There is no end to asking for this.

And as soon as we want to know this, only new questions arise in our minds. What is this world like?

Where is the solar system or its origin? How the moon, stars, and sun surround us! Where is their address?

The search for people is not over yet. Human interest to know about this mysterious world will never end.

We have so much today because of the desire to know. Those who have puzzled over these issues are today’s successful inventors.

Those who thought about these things at that time might have been called crazy. But what we have today is the result of their madness.

As a result of modern technology, what we are using has not come to us without hard work. A lot of hard work is involved behind our every work.

The cycle of time:

Think where the newspaper you are reading today is from? That is the technique of collecting news or how the real people think?

Today the glossy paper that you are reading is the news in this paper how?

Thousands of questions run through people’s minds.

Thousands of such questions came to the minds of those who discovered them. As a result of this, we are getting modern equipment today.

All history is not the love story of a king or queen. It involves a lot of hard work and talent.

What has all come to discover?

Why do we get everything today because of who invented it?

People say necessity is the stepping stone to discovery. What is the truth?

This is true on the one hand.

Imagine you are sleeping in your room at noon. Waking up, he suddenly remembered that there were biscuits on the shelf in the kitchen.

If you go and see it, you will not find it there. In my mind, if I bring the chair from the reading room and remove the cookie jar from the shelf, there will be no more problems.

Make as needed. In fact, nothing has been invented as easy as bringing your chair and laying out biscuits.

Journey of the Discovery:

Well, now think about the journey of the discovery of this science, when and where did it begin?

I know you can’t say. This is because it did not start with an auspicious day.

No one can say how long ago it started. History keeps track of many things, so is it recorded in any history pages?

The practice of science began since the creation of the world. The thought of discovery came to mind in man’s urge to work.

What was there before humans came to earth? What other animals were there? What were the plants, rivers, fish, animals and birds or everything else then?

Since the creation of the world, this world has changed its form many times. He was hit again and again.

Many times its appearance or color has changed. Has become human habitable.

Is the world alone or does it have partners? Or is he going his own way. In fact, they are all divine. But still people are always interested to know about it.

Earth is a planet in the solar system. The solar system means the planets and satellites around the sun that orbit the sun and revolve around the sun.

This is our solar system. Scientists believe that there are many more stars like the sun in the solar system.

Once upon a time, people believed that the sun revolves around the earth.

And they deeply believed in its ideas. In fact, there was a scientist in the world long ago.

But then such modern equipment as now was not invented. They used to say the survey they did at that time.

Now people’s curiosity for more discoveries is increasing. Similarly, what is true is also being exposed in front of people.

Planets or Satellites:

Now we know that all the planets revolve together. Which planets or satellites and stars are heavier and which are lighter?

So their rotation method is also slightly different.

In fact, there is no benefit in blaming anyone. Some scientist or inventor has spent a lot of time and talent in pitching these.

Some have even dedicated their lives to Discovering these things.

There is someone whose hand came and became real in the hands of another person.

All the inventions have come as a result of the efforts and pursuits of many people.

It is not written anywhere when and on what date science started. Similarly, despite seeing auspicious days, the journey of science did not take place.

By fighting with nature, loving nature, and relying on its benefits, people are living and living.

Since primeval life has been introduced to the power of discovery and on this discovery and application, the foundation of the modern scientific practice of man has been laid.

When researching the history of science, we must be aware. That is the search for the truth of nature and life through

the practice of science and the application of technology to the needs of daily life. A small example can

be said to be the first attempt of man to use river water for agriculture. Be it by damming the river or

bringing the water up. People did it anyway. Manush has to do it even if it is necessary.

This is called technology. The reason for such an example is that the present time is not meant here. Things from long ago have been revealed here.

As there is a sun, moon, and billions of stars outside the planet. We must believe the results of technology just as we believe it.

The beginning of discovery is not really a pure application of scientific practice.

It was the exercise of one’s own creative powers in an attempt to survive.

Among these are human knowledge, geometric measurements, measurement of water pressure in different conditions, etc.

As scientists discovered methods of measurement, the quality of their work increased. But they could not do anything beyond nature.

Today, the actual proof of this is the current world epidemic coronavirus. The whole world is fighting this virus.

Till date, no exact medicine has been discovered. Couldn’t even know its movement.

Hard to believe in this day and age. Yet see what nature is doing. In fact, humans have nothing to do outside of nature.


We must remember that from the fifteenth to the seventeenth centuries there was a special tide in the practice of science, and in the fourth-century science reached its peak.

Breakthrough discoveries were made during this period.

The scientists of the ancient era declared the four basic elements as the basic elements of all matter i.e. everything.

These are water, air, fire, and earth. Today we certainly do not accept these 4 elements as the building blocks of everything.

Because, in our search for the essential elements of matter, we have discovered a mysterious atomic world.

It turns out that every substance is basically made up of a different type of elemental atom.

And this atom is composed of atomic particles like protons, electrons, and neutrons and although the structure of different substances is different, protons, neutrons, electrons etc.

Are the same type of atomic cone. There are only differences in the number and structure of different atoms.

So it can be understood that everything around us is actually made of the same material and the

external differences are actually due to the difference in the number of atomic particles and the variation in the structure of atoms.

A study of the discovery of the earth and its movements. How did the world come and where is its origin.

Scientists in ancient times were called philosophers. Now, scientists and philosophers are two different things.

Human Civilization:

If we know about the evolution of human civilization, we can know that people have gradually come from many ages.

At the time of crossing RA, people’s way of life, i.e. the state of society and the production system have also undergone drastic changes.

Prehistoric people lived in caves and lived through extreme hardships. Now they are doing this.

But yes, there is still a class of people living in some parts of Africa who maintain ancient civilizations.

Their main tools at that time were stone weapons. They hunted by cutting stones and making different types of weapons.

Raw meat from the hunt was their favorite food.

Suddenly they were able to discover the fire by rubbing the stones. On getting fire, they realized that they could eat raw meat by burning it.

The flavor of Bhavar changed. Thus they learned to start using spices.

Later people slowly learned to use metals like iron, copper etc.

Along with this change in lifestyle, knowledge also began to develop. The human social system has also changed.

Thus slowly science began to show its activity.

Everything we use or see today is the result of human efforts since ancient times.

All the civilizations that we know about in ancient times were spread over different regions of the world.

It is generally seen that their civilized cities are built on the banks of some rivers.

And the ancient civilization was built around this city.

If we look at history, we can get some samples of this.

But the exact history is still beyond the grasp of people. Everything is assumed. Of course, historians have 80% in common.

Among these ancient civilizations, various aspects of Greek, Roman, Egyptian and Assyrian civilizations still amaze researchers.

Walled China and India were other centers of civilization.

The practice of knowledge science also surrounds this center.

Later we will discuss about the scientific practices of ancient rich countries like Greece, Rome, Egypt etc.

And this age we will call the ancient age.

In terms of time, this era is the era of BC. The period up to the 4th century AD is called the Old Age.

Science is not something that can be buried in two sentences.

Its origin is actually a mystery to everyone. In the middle of that mystery, we look for the pearl.

When the name of the famous scientists of the world comes up, we think that science has come from their hands. In fact, not even that!!!

We have to calculate from its inception. Then maybe we can guess something.

It is not a knowledge class or a lecture hall.

We will try to know from our curiosity Who is the founder of science?

Where we have been and where we are going. What awaits us ahead!!!

Out of curiosity, when we discuss or discover something new, the world does not take it easily.

There will be criticism. I will not stop saying that.

There are many things beyond the mysterious world which are really unknown to us.

Earlier we knew that the earth revolves around the sun.

But now it is proved that all the planets and satellites are moving from their respective positions in their orbits.

The rotation pattern of heavier objects is slower and the rotation pattern of lighter objects is faster.

Earth’s Identity:

Everyone is a bit speechless when they come here.

None of us know where and how this mysterious world was born.

Scientists have only given their survey to the best of their knowledge.

Ancient civilizations and scientific practices, how about food?

Hope no person has any objection. …

What is this world? If you want to know this, you need to know about our solar system.

If you want to find the solar system, you need to know the stars.

To this day, scientists have not finished knowing. And they will never end up knowing about this universe.

Our scientists are discovering the stars and the universe. New information is emerging in their search.

We must try to know how old this world is. How many billions of years ago this world was born?

Or is the world like this for eternity? At one time the human race was the way the world was and will be forever.

But now we know that the world has never been like this, and will never be like this.

The game of destruction is constantly going on in this world.

Along with that, the world is changing, the universe is changing.

We do not perceive this natural change very easily. This change is happening without us noticing.

Scientists say that the history of humans and civilizations is only a very small fraction of the history of the earth.

For that, a few years, a few hundred years or a few thousand years are nothing to the world.

The calculation of the world is not calculated in millions of years or billions of years.

It is the only mystery to God. No one has been able to solve it properly to date.

It is true that our scientific progress has come a long way.

But there are things in nature’s hands that are beyond human ability to solve. So we can not know?

One thing scientists say is that a planet hit the earth 3 billion years ago and the dinosaurs became extinct.

It is heard again that it was 12000 thousand years ago. Which is actually correct?

Everything is shrouded in mystery.

Expand our knowledge. I would like to know more. I will continue to try to find out.

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