March 18, 2023
Why are women so reluctant to have intercourse after marriage

Why are women so reluctant to have intercourse after marriage

Why are girls so reluctant to have sex after marriage?

Are you a married man?

Does your partner refuse to have sex with you?

Or does not express interest in sex with you?

Are you worried about yourself with that problem?

Then this article may be important for you today.

Have you ever wanted to understand why and why your wife keeps herself from sex?

Sex is a physical pleasure that both men and women need equally.

When you don’t get along with your partner in that useful work, the mind becomes very bad.

Also, your workplace becomes boring. Your partner refuses to understand that.

Birth control:

We all have a fatal misconception that birth control means taking the pill.

Of course, there are hormones in the pill. That prepares your body naturally.

If its level is high, the risk may increase.

So there is no other way.

Girls, especially, become disinterested in sex due to the fear of getting pregnant again and again.

Pills are not suitable for everyone. So normally, after marriage, interest in sex decreases among girls.

That effect falls on men. A man’s interest in sex usually ends around 45-50 years.

Many may end even earlier. It depends on your lifestyle.

Girls should consult a doctor instead of relying solely on the pill as a method of birth control.

It will not affect your sex life.

After being a new mom?

What do new mothers do? In one of their studies, it has been found that most mothers become

sexually reluctant after having a baby. When the toddler sleeps, the mom additionally sleeps

. And it continues for a long time. This causes some turmoil in married life.

I want to have sex with my husband tonight when the baby is asleep. That will endear you to my husband.

Stand by your husband with a naked body. Ask him to caress. You will feel the vibration in your body with the man’s love.

Try to bring your own energy into the sexual space. It depends on you how interested you are in sex with your husband.

It can be seen that women between 25-30 years of age have more sexual needs. After becoming a mother, the needs of all girls especially 80% of girls decrease.

Don’t misunderstand. This is for your own good.

Body Image:

Your body composition depends on its needs. Girls do not feel productive in terms of

sexual needs for a long time under the touch of a man. But the social context does not accept

intercourse with more than one man. Juliet says that when you hear your body complimented, your needs will increase.

So go out, and move in front of different types of people. Your physical needs and sexual appetite will increase.

What effect does stress have?

Stress can directly affect our sex life. The one under whose influence girls fall is

called ‘Durvasula’. Because of that, your sexual desire is called a decline.

Avoid stress. Have fun with your partner. Do some work or spend time with friends.

Mindset yourself that you will give sexual pleasure to your partner at least 2-3 times a week. Then personal life will be peaceful.

As much sex as we need to do, we do it before marriage. And girls reduce their demand after marriage.

As a result, men turn to sex workers.

Are you sexually active?

you are a girl Have you engaged in multiple sexual activities?

It has become like an addiction in your life. If so, after marriage, the husband’s touch is not good.

But you want to come back. Then talk to your husband directly. It may be fruitful for you.

Discover yourself within yourself. Then your sexual desire will increase.

What can you do yourself?

Light a candle yourself and take a bath in the bathtub. Walk around the room naked.

Wear silk clothes. You can eat dark chocolate before sex.

Show your partner naked and make him/her attracted to you. Have your partner touch the balloon on your sensitive spot.

Run the finger there to stimulate the genitals. Touch the neck, back, and breasts. Have sex in a dimly lit room.

Monotonic relationships:

Does your relationship seem boring? Have no fun having sex with your husband.

Then you should definitely go out with your husband. Give him time and ask him to give.

The more time you ask him to give, the better for you and for him.

Poor women take themselves to have sex in hotels. Go somewhere far away.

That may change your needs.

And if that doesn’t work, multiple couples must be imprisoned.

Change the environment:

Do you go out with your wife?

Do you ever take him out to eat at a restaurant or let him socialize in the outdoors?

If you don’t do that, you will slowly see that your wife’s libido is increasing day by day.

In fact, girls lose their emotional strength from being alone. So his libido started to decline.

It is no fault of his own. Actually, it is not under his own control.

So it is natural to have sex with your wife.

But if you change the environment, you will see that you will face fewer problems in your sex life.

Different environment increases the sexual demand of girls.

Relationship conflict:

You definitely don’t want to have sex with someone you don’t like.

If you have a fight with your partner then it is not possible to have sex at that time.

Some people are very eager to have sex at that time. But its number is very less.

Due to conflict in the relationship, your sexual desire decreases.

The more you try to deepen the relationship, the more your sexual desire will increase.

Select the correct time:

You need to set the right time to have sex. Or just at that time to do it is not!

But make up your mind to have sex at a time when you feel good and eat tasty food.

Then a different kind of love will work between both of them.

Which will make your physical intercourse even sweeter.

Never have sex when you are upset. Then it will cause harm instead of comfort.

Have intercourse at least 1:45 minutes after eating.

Are girls with bigger butts sexier?

It is true that if girls have heavy hips, they have more sexual desire and desire to have sex.

Ass meat contains a lot of fat and vitamin content. That’s why girls with heavy hips can have more sex.

In most cases, it is seen that those whose breast size is chubby are also more sexual.

During pregnancy:

When a girl gets pregnant, her sex drive gradually starts to decrease.

‘Brito’- says when a girl gets pregnant, all the hormones in her body start to accumulate in one place.

So his sex drive is somewhat reduced. It is less in some girls and more in others.

Brito said in his article that some women have no loss of sexual desire during pregnancy.

It really depends on the mind. If you don’t want to, you’ll never feel comfortable having sex with your partner, not just when you’re pregnant.

Willingness to mate will increase your attraction to mating.

Sleep deprivation:

Sleep is an essential element for us. If this sleep is less or because of

your own reasons you express reluctance to sleep day after day. Then no doctor can give you the solution.

It is better not to have sex while tired. A tired body cannot give you that satisfaction.

If you feel too tired from work at night, you can wake up fresh in the morning and have sex. No one should have any problem with that.

You have to determine the right time by understanding your body pressure.

Don’t be too hasty about going to sleep. It will cause you to sleep deprivation.

Fall asleep naturally. Sleepers try to go to bed but don’t rush at all.

Your sexual orientation has changed:

How long do you like when you have sex with your partner? Or are you attracted to other men?

Studies show that girls who are attracted to other men do not enjoy sex with their husbands.

She is not amused or able to give him sexual pleasure even when her husband tickles her naked genitals.

But some girls feel so much fun and peaceful with their husbands that they don’t think about any other man.

If men are attracted to other women, you will have trouble getting happiness from your wife.

Which is not acceptable in a social context. Women are always advised to be sexually happy with their husbands.

Jealousy in a husband or wife relationship makes sex life miserable. The tension in the relationship leads to turmoil in the sex life and social life.

It can be seen that within 3-5 years of marriage, the wife’s sexual desire

decreases, then she does not want to have sex with her husband even once a week.  Natural For Women

But your husband wants at least 2-3 times a week. Now you cannot give that to your husband.

There starts to be a distance between relationships.

Want any new changes?

If you need a new thing or jewelry and you can’t buy it today.

There is no shortage of things in the house. Pay attention to that.

Or choosing a genital care product that will meet your needs. Then it can be tried to collect it in time.

Your willpower increases the power of your body.

Feeling ashamed of sex?

If you grew up feeling ashamed of your sexuality, it will affect your adulthood.

You will be ashamed in front of your wife. Excessive shyness kills your sex drive.

Then you will be old enough to find that your shame can no longer give you sexual pleasure.

There is no shame in knowing about sex. Rather it should be given to the family. Without proper education at the right time, ignorance remains in all matters.

The main content is here ‘Why are girls so reluctant to have sex after marriage?


Worry or worry is the perfect tool to kill you.

Welcome to modern life. So will you increase your anxiety?

So if it is then you will never be happy in any work, not even in sex life.

Pay attention to sexual desire. Learn to think of your girl and yourself as sexy.

Use strategies to increase your attractiveness to yourself.

Then your associate could be greater interested in you.

Are you not having an orgasm?

If you feel like not having an orgasm, then have regular sex with your partner. It doesn’t always come with sex, right?

So start thinking of yourself as a sexy girl.

Sexual arousal is not the only reason for having sex, but it is also a part of it.

However, the sexual relationship between husband and wife depends on their own needs.

Explain to your partner what your genitals want. And what do you do to increase my sex power?

Ask your partner to do the work. Then you will see that both of them will spend a life full of sex.

Find a solution to the problem:

What does your partner want from you? Why you can’t have sex with your partner?

In the case of boys, it is seen that their sex life is decreasing due to excessive smoking and

girls are not able to give their partner the pleasure of sex due to their lack of willpower.

Lack of exercise is a big problem for both boys and girls.


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